Meet Angela Nikolau, The Russian Girl Who Takes Photography To World’s Highest Points

*Please do not attempt to this yourself. People depicted in the photographs are equipped with safety measures and special permissions to do so.*

Who doesn’t have a selfie bug always ready to pout in front of a camera? We do all sorts of crazy stuff to get that perfect click…maybe swipe across some filters, pose in front of the best of scenery and give the best shot at the smile?For 23 years old Angela, there is no height to which she won’t go with her selfie stick. A self-talented adventurer, photographer, and roofer, she is based in Moscow and along with her partner Ivan Beerkus, has got her Instagram feed brimming with death-defying shots, where she and Ivan are literally on top of the world.

Together they also have a combined profile as Elevation dedicating all their stunts to living life and living the moment. More than that, if you can get your eyes off Angela posing at some of the most dangerous spots where even a barefooted person could sway down, Angela captions her clicks with the most profound thoughts, sometimes giving yoga poses or a perfect modeling shot in high heels.

Here are some of the most stunning pictures that are simply unthinkable.

Send your dreams where nobody hides. #paris На мне платье от @_annasarkisova_

A post shared by Angela Nikolau (@angela_nikolau) on

Take me down #highwithyi #yi4k #yimap #china #rooftop #roof #shanghai

A post shared by Ivan Beerkus (@beerkus) on

Spire selfie #china #rooftop #roof #tianjin

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Бц Преображенский. #selfie ##roof #roof_top

A post shared by Angela Nikolau (@angela_nikolau) on

Продолжу выкладывать Стеллу

A post shared by Angela Nikolau (@angela_nikolau) on

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