Kunal Kamra’s New Podcast With Leaders Of BJP, Congress As Well As Kanhaiya Kumar & Umar Khalid Shows That We Can Be Friends Despite Our Political Beliefs

This podcast gave us azaadi from this ‘image’ of politics and made us look at these leaders in a different light.


Last year, India witnessed a political thunderstorm that led to a smear campaign maligning the Jawaharlal Nehru University because a few guys apparently raised anti-India slogans. What followed was a media trial where anchors took turns conducting shouting matches and asking these anti-India elements to calm their bossoms.

Kunal Kamra did a video recently where he commented ‘yeh bachche kya karenge? Inka canteen mein udhaar hai‘.

For every kid who has an udhaar in his/her canteen, it hit quite close to home.

Matlab sahi baat hai. Mera jab canteen mein udhar tha, then the maximum damage I could do to Indian taxpayers money was scribble ‘I love Katrina’ on my desk.

Well the same comedian, Kunal Kamra, has come up with his own talk show where he invites student leaders from several youth-wings of political parties to have a nice talk.

Today Kunal Kamra released a video where he was talking to Kanhaiya Kumar and Umar Khalid. Here’s the full video:

They seem like regular fun guys who are just trying to fight the system. If you take all that media snazz away, they are two students trying to put forward their points in a democratic country. Nice guys.

Here’s hoping that someday I’ll get to chill with Kanhaiya and Umar at Ganga dhaaba. But agar unka udhaar hai waha, toh I’ll understand.

In addition to this, Kunal Kamra also spoke to the National spokesperson of Congress. Here’s the video:

If you think that the BJP youth leaders must be aggressive or uncouth, you will be surprised to know that the reality is completely opposite to your perception. Here’s the video of Madhukeshwar Desai having a nice chat with Kunal Kamra:

You see, if we keep the political opinions aside, these leaders are very similar. They laugh, crack jokes and like indulging in some friendly banter. If these guys can indulge in a casual discussion, why can’t we do the same?

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