Karan Johar Blasts Twitter Trolls On Twitter Once Again & Shows Us Why He Is The Boss

As much of a boon, social media is quite the bane too! Not just common people, even celebrities have to face the music on social media.

Trolls are unforgiving. Trolls are cruel. Trolls are also supremely democratic.

As several of Bollywood’s social media fraternity have discovered the hard way, a virtual army of trolls is hard to battle should you have been so unwise to put yourself in harm’s way with an ill-considered tweet.

Karan Johar has time and again shut down Twitter trolls. Earlier this year, he was being ridiculed for standing up against the cowardly attack on Sanjay Leela Bhansali. He said this

Karan Johar’s sexual orientation has been a topic of discussion since, uh, well, as long as we can remember.

Plenty of jokes were directed at him during the now infamous AIB Roast, which the director took sportingly and even added to.

This time, Karan Johar has once again clapped back at his trolls with this scathing tweet.

His is truly the BOSS of Bollywood. Let’s hope that the Twitter trolls now keep to themselves and don’t resort to stupid means to belittle him.

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