IPL Drove To A Suspenseful Conclusion As Mumbai Indians Won With 1 Run, Naturally Twitter Has Some Opinions

So, the IPL final is over. India can put away its overpriced tickets and knock-off jerseys back into their closets and start focusing on something else. Like Baahubali. Or our jobs. But it’s not just that it ended, it’s in the how. With the Mumbai Indians scraping by with 1 run in the epic conclusion people were hoping for but rarely happens.

Mumbai Indians proudly claimed the record of being the only team to have won the IPL thrice. Thanks to the impressive display of bowling by Mitchell Johnson, Mumbai Indians shimmied into their third victory despite the humbling 128 runs they had to defend. As the match clicked on, it seemed that RPS had a smaller and smaller margin for error, culminating in the epic one run finish that fans won’t forget anytime soon.

Naturally, Twitter couldn’t keep it to themselves and took to social media to comment.



















Whether the match was fixed or not. Whether you are disappointed enough to skip work or hungover enough to skip work, there’s no denying it was one hell of an entertaining evening.

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