‘Inside Edge’: A Trailer So Intriguing; You Won’t Be Able To Wait For The Series!

Like it or not, India is obsessed with cricket. We had movies like Jannat, where the lead, a die-hard cricket fan enters the world of betting, gambling. When we talk about cricket, it’s passion, hope, and struggles. But behind the back, it’s a world of match fixing, glamour, power, and drugs. Farhan Akhtar’ production company, Excel Media & Entertainment has collaborated with Amazon Prime and they are all set for their series, ‘Inside Edge’ to be released. 


The first teaser of India’s first original Amazon series was released on Thursday and is ruling the internet with more than 12 lakh views on YouTube. A fictional version of the lucrative Indian Premier League, the series will stream in over 200 countries. According to Amazon, the series is set “in a landscape of conflicting interests, where selfishness is almost a virtue, where sex, money and power are mere means to an end.”

inside 1

The 2 minute-long video gives us a glimpse of the craze of cricket, the money and the evil games behind the game of cricket. The trailer is so captivating that you would want to play it on loop.


In the video, they show glimpses of the other side of the cricket idols. Corruption, abuse, sex and power play is the major theme and the plot moves so beautifully that one can not, I repeat, cannot wait for the series to be released.

inside edge

The trailer is eye catching, mind bowling, interesting and captivating. If you are looking for a series that will keep you hooked, then Inside Edge is definitely one for you!

Watch the trailer below –

Catch the series on Amazon Prime on July 10.

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