I, As An Indian Cricket Fan, Appreciate Pakistan’s Brilliant Performance In The Final Today

Despite the hype and the bravado expressed in the pre-game media engagements, the Pakistan team that walked on the field to face India on 18th June in what was termed the biggest spectacle of cricket was a mere shadow of its glorious predecessors.

But we need to admit, as great sportsmen, that Pakistan played wonderfully this tournament.

Pakistan won the Champions Trophy having come into the tournament at the 8th spot in the ICC ODI rankings. They haven’t played cricket at their home ground for a long time now and their team is full of youngsters who had the odds stacked against them.

The critics didn’t gave them any chance and they managed to win the tournament despite that.

That’s what makes this Pakistan side a champion team!

Pakistan played well

The Pakistan team that stepped on to the pitch in Edgbaston on 4 June appeared devoid of any backbone and seemed to go through the motions as if the result was inevitable. The fielding was insipid, the batting lacked any planning but more importantly, Pakistan’s bowling was timid and offered no challenge to the opposition.

Source: Firstpost

The tentative approach of the first game was replaced with an all-out attack by the bowlers in the do-or-die games against South Africa and Sri Lanka. The bowlers attacked the stumps and the batsmen in a manner which would have made the likes of Imran, Wasim, Waqar and Mushtaq proud of their successors.

They had a very young team but they fought hard to prove their critics wrong.

Source: The News Tribe

To all my cricket-obsessed, Pakistan-obsessed Indians – we did win big in Hockey today (irrespective of the opponent), which probably continues to be our ‘national sport’, while Srikanth pulled off a stunner with victory in the Indonesian Superseries final. Just as important, if not more.
BTW, 80s aur 90s mein hum usually Pakistan se aise hi haarte the, zyada emotional hone ki zaroorat nahi hai.

We might have lost today, but our team has made us proud. Going by the spirit of cricket, we must give credit where its due.

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