Tired Of Mainstream Bollywood Music? You SHOULD Be Checking Out These 6 Indian Artists (Pt 2)

Maybe you are sick of the songs in your playlist. Are the Bollywood songs getting a tad bit tiresome and repetitive in theme? These are signs that you are ready to listen to some fresh sounds.

Here are some new Indian artists on the scene who are playing around with their unique sounds. From techno to hip-hop these artists are nailing it with their music.

You might not see them crooning in your next Bollywood flick, but they are a superb choice to add to your playlist.

1.Gari-B and Friends

Under the helm of Tadpatri Talkies, Gari-B and friends put out a video that instantly went viral. With their relatable lyrics set to an uptempo beat, this band grabs your attention. The gully rap creates a beautiful parody that is fun to listen to!

2.Kimochi Youkai

The band’s name means ‘Feel Good Demons’. The Mumbai-based band recreates classic songs with their own groovy twist. Result is  a beautiful track that gives you good vibes every time you listen to it.

3.Native Indian

If electronic music is what floats your boat then you should definitely check out the groovy beats of Native Indian! The music is written and composed by the talented Siva Baskaran.


Personally speaking I am a sucker for grunge and alt rock. This band seem to be the coolest act in town. You can expect some bad-ass drumming, powerful vocals and music that will make you an instant fan. I am surely keeping my eyes on this band! *headbangs*

5. Filter Coffee

When you mix up classic/folk music with electronic grooves you get Filter Coffee. The band duo – Shriram and Swarupa – brewed their first album ‘Raagatronic’ and is busy wowing listeners across the country via touring. If you love your desi music revamped, you should check out their album.


If you want some desi soft-rock on your playlist, check out Antariksh. The soulful hindi lyrics accompanied by rock riffs and classical vocals make for a truly unique listen. If that isn’t enough to win you over, the band has been rated by MTV as one of the best Hindi Rock artists of India! I personally liked ‘Aisa Hi Hota Hai’ from their ‘ Khoj’.

PS: If you are one of the fortunate folks living in Mumbai, you can check out some of these artists on June 21st! Generation Why’s live gig lineup features Gari-B and Friends, Kimochi Youkai, Native Indian, HOOK.

Venue: antiSOCIAL, Khar

Check here for more details.

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