The Poster Of ‘Jab Harry Met Sejal’ Is Here And Twitter Has Mixed Reactions To It!

Shahrukh fans and Imtiaz fans had been waiting for this announcement since forever. Imtiaz’s new project starring Shahrukh Khan, Anushka Sharma and the man himself has been in the talks for long now. The fans couldn’t control their excitement when the final posters came out but there’s something that’s raising a slight controversy, it’s THE TITLE!

There were rumors about the movie being named ‘The Ring’ ‘Rehnuma’ and ‘Raula’ but looks like Imtiaz wanted to give a tribute to our all time favorite movie ‘Jab We Met’ and hence happened ‘ Jab Harry Met Sejal’. Looks like the title also took inspiration from the Rob Reiner directed Romcom ‘When Harry Met Sally’.

Shahrukh, Anushka and Imtiaz have a phenomenal fan base and the fans seem to have different reactions to the Title. Here’s how Twitterati reacted to the title:

We Just Had To start With What He Thinks About It

Honestly, I Like It Too!

We’ll Just Have To Wait For The Movie To Agree On This One!

People Definitely Have Extreme Opinions About This One

Let’s Not Compare The Two Movies Now

Which One Do You Think Sounds Better?

I Am Sure A Lot Of People Will Agree To This

Better than ‘The Ring’ For Sure. That Would Have Sounded Spooky

You’re Not The Only One Disappointed, My Friend

More like ‘Jab We Met’ + ‘When Harry Met Sally’= ‘When Harry Met Sejal’

In case you’re wondering who came up with the title, it’s definitely not Ranbir Kapoor!

The poster is here, the title is here and now we just can’t seem to wait for the trailer! Tell us what you think about the title, in the comment section!

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