Imtiaz Ali On Jab Harry Met Sejal’s Unimpressive Reviews: “I Have Not Made This Film For Praise”

Seems like Imtiaz Ali’s Jab Harry Met Sejal was just another money maker, audience response be damned.

Imtiaz Ali has a distinctive style of filmmaking that shows up in all his films. People know what to expect when they go for his films. Jab Harry Met Sejal was an exception to this.

Many reviews state that the movie was a disappointment and nothing like his stellar work like Jab We Met and Tamasha. Shah Rukh Khan and Anushka Sharma though manage their roles well, the script is simply lacking as they claim. The word-of-the-mouth for the film has not been impressive.

Imtiaz Ali has reacted to the audience response and was quoted saying:

 “I am sure that a lot of people do not think that Harry Met Sejal is an intellectual masterpiece, but I did not intend it to be one. Some said you really need to be intelligent to understand an Imtiaz Ali film. For me, that was a blow. I feel that I have never been part of any intelligent club. I wanted to make a very simple film with all my heart” he said.

“I have not made this film for praise. You know I would like to be the director who can make different kinds of films. This one is made to reach the maximum number of people. Not to just get praise for me.”

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