Let’s Compare The Highest And Lowest Grossing Bollywood Films From 2000 To 2016

Just think of how shitty Bollywood movies would look if they had no budget.

“Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara” would be 3 dudes awkwardly driving around, because filming in Spain takes money.

“Queen” would be a woman sadly going through FB Posts in her room, because filming in London takes money.

“Deshdrohi” would be Deshdrohi.

But as someone who loves Hindi movies, but not enough to necessarily have seen all of them, let’s just say it’s incredibly entertaining to have a look at who did the best and worst in any given Box Office year. From 2000 to 2016, the Indian box office has always remained interesting.

Please Note: The collection has been sourced from Box Office India, each year the lowest grossing film has been selected from the worst performing films of the respective year depending on the number of screens it released on. 



Amisha Patel fell in love with Hrithik Roshan’s abs so much, that even after he died, nobody else’s abs were ever good enough. Not even a pre Gangs of Wasseypur Manoj Bajpai could compete with Hrithik’s moves and extra thumb.



Okay, I genuinely haven’t seen Gadar. But I’m sure it’s great. Like everybody else though, I can recite the words to “Main Nikla Gaddi Leke” in my sleep. Khatron Ke Khiladi however, I know literally nothing about. Ironically, the plot section of the Wikipedia page is completely blank.

As if it never truly existed.



Dancing to Maar Daala as an 11-year-old was definitely inappropriate, but I did it anyway. Devdas despite its melodrama and obstinate-as-hell Diya still delighted Indian audiences.

Waah…Tera Kya Kehna kind of just gave Govinda a hat and prayed that would work.



You can figure out the difference here just by looking at the expressions of the actors on the poster.

Hrithik’s expression, for example, screams “Lol, main aur daddy paise banaenge!”

Abhishek’s expression, on the contrary, reads “Shit…”



Veer Zaara was a love story starring Shahrukh Khan. They might as well have started printing the cash in advance. As for Sohail Khan’s venture, we are indeed proud to be Indian.

Indians who know grammar.



No Entry reeked of casual sexism, terrible writing, horrendous performances. It was not a good movie. It was barely movie. More an excuse to put women in deep cut necklines and Anil Kapoor in deeper necklines.

But Mumbai Xpress couldn’t compete with all those necklines so here we are.



Hey look! Hrithik Roshan’s abs starred in a top grossing film once again! Well done Hrithik Roshan’s abs, and this time Aishwarya Rai’s abs joined in as well.

Sadly, Sanjay Dutt didn’t have time to change into a bikini when he was on his brutal quest for revenge.



I shamelessly saw Om Shanti Om 4 times in a theatre. And unlike Ramesh Babu, I am well aware of the price of each ticket I bought.

Kya Love Story Hai I haven’t seen. Maybe I should give it a shot. Except I won’t because, Tusshar Kapoor. Also, it has a character who is a foreigner named Vanilla.




Ghajini was good, just not great. Aamir Khan probably bought way too many tiny vests and needed a place to wear them. Except when Aamir Khan does this, it makes crores.

And look! Tusshar Kapoor is back! Something India was clearly not equipped to handle two years in a row.



3 Idiots did all Indians a huge favour. It taught us the meaning of the word “balatkar”. Say whatever you want about your Hindi language competence, I sure as hell didn’t know.

Jai Veeru also did India a huge favour. It made us leave the theatre where it was playing and rewatch Sholay.



Salman Khan is very much Bollywood’s renaissance man. And the start was Dabanng with him threatening to rip shoot men’s penises and dancing platonically next to his sister in law.

Toonpur Ka Superhero was just a simple story about the Devgn household and the AMAZING weed they’ve clearly been smoking up.





Salman Khan’s reign continues. This time with him literally pointing a gun at the audience. “Bhai ka film dekh…varna…”

Dangerous Ishhq, on the contrary, is the kind of movie you can’t believe ever got made. Because it’s one thing looking at incompetence, another thing to look at incompetence IN 3D!



Oh, look! Aamir Khan had some vests left over after filming Ghajini! In fact, Abhishek Bachchan looks particularly pissed that Aamir Khan and his tiny vest are in the middle of the poster.

Also, Zanjeer was a movie. What was it about? Who knows…



Aamir Khan was finally out of vests by the time pk rolled around. Which is probably why a lot of the marketing was centred around a poster of him butt naked in the desert.

Ugly was actually a pretty good film. No jokes here.



One might ask what Mallika Sherawat is doing sitting atop a car? Who knows. Because I have never seen Bajrangi Bhaijaan, why is Kareena sitting atop a scooty, who knows…

But why did people see one and not the other? Because people would rather see Salman Khan eating cereal in his boxer shorts than do most other things

So every time he actually films a movie, they just can’t resist.



Dangal was a path-breaking film that taught the nation about sportsmanship, the value of hard work and gender equality.

Rock On 2 taught us that only so long Arjun Rampal can give us one expression on a giant screen before we get bored.

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