12 Funny Tweets That Will Give You Some Serious Monday Motivation!

Joining back to work, school or college after a blissful Sunday is tough. You might be cursing yourself, thinking what did you do so wrong in your life to feel so miserable about resuming routine again. Stay with me though. Because in a few minutes, your Monday will get less sucky. #MondayMotivation

Instead of focusing on the negatives, we shall focus on laughter. Deal? So after much hard work and research, we came up with this list of tweets that will cheer you up.

Get ready for some laughs, because this Monday is going to be all kinds of awesome!

#1. Whoever wrote this copy is a genius!

#2.After a Friday drinking session

#3.Why didn’t I think of it!

#4.Baahubali on moon, whoa! Everything is possible!

#5.Also, us looking at childhood pictures! :'(

#6.Ladki badi anjaani hai…

#7.Every. effing.time.

#8.Iftaar ki lalach

#9.Pretty much!

#10.Cutting edge puns look like this!

#11.When Gulzar is your dad.


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