10 Facts About Food That Will Surprise As Well As Impress You

Did you know almonds are actually a part of the peach family?


Who doesn’t love food? Some eat to live and some live to eat. Just like Joey we too don’t like sharing our food.  We came across some really surprising facts about foods we consume every day.

These facts about our favorite chocolates to chips to coffee. Although we have just 10 here, we’re pretty sure that the universe has a lot more surprises in store.

#1 Chocolate was used as currency

Dark chocolate

How rich would you be? Chocolate was used as currency in the 250 AD. The Mayans and the Aztecs used the cocoa beans as the medium of exchange in regions like Mexico and South America.

#2 Peanuts can be used to create dynamites


It turns out that peanuts contain nitroglycerin. It is said to be a very volatile substance. Peanuts are indeed explosive.

#3 Processed Cheese slices have only 51 % cheese


Cheese slices were made commercially available after the second World War by K.L Kraft. The slices aren’t 100 % cheese and that makes us sad.

#4 Coffee beans are actually berries

Coffee bean

We can’t believe it either. Coffee beans are actually berries. ‘Berries from the coffee plant’ is a more apt name.

#5 Humans are born craving sugar


We don’t doubt it but it’s so scary. Sugar is our choice of drug. It is proven that the sweet tooth is hardwired from day one.

#6 People used to believe tomato can heal


Tomato pills and ketchup were used to cure diarrhea, jaundice, and indigestion. In 1840 the medicinal value of tomato declined because of frauds.

#7 Mosquitos are attracted to people who have eaten bananas


Okay, that’s a very lame excuse to be attracted to a human.

#8 Fruit based sweets and cars use the same wax


Carnauba wax is the wax that is used to clean automobiles and also present in the fruit based sweets. It is also used in products like dental floss and shoe polish.

 #9 Apples, pears, cherries, and strawberries belong to the same family!


They belong to the rose family.

#10 Popcorn was the first food to be microwaved


Well, the second food to experiment was an egg. It exploded in the face of the experimenter.

Which ones did you know?

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