Elle Brings LGBTQI People Together To Give Us A Better Understanding Of Sexuality

Sometimes we tend to forget that despite our gender, religion, and sexuality we are all just human beings. We are divided by our perception and understanding of the society but there is one thing we all have in common ‘ WE ALL HATE BEING JUDGED’, and this is something that we actually do to everyone around us.

The LQBTQI community goes through the cruel phenomena of judging every single day, especially in India. Most of the times, we tend to do it because of our lack of knowledge towards the community. Embracing your sexuality is not a disorder and belonging to the LGBTQI community is not a sin.

Elle brought together the LGBTQI people under one roof in order to make us understand their sexuality in a simpler way. It is not their fault, it is our fault. Our ignorance and judgmental behavior makes them go through harassment every single day and it is time that we stop doing it!


Alok is NON-BINARY which means he does not identify as a boy or a girl!


Elz is cisgender which means she was born a woman.


Rishika is genderqueer, She is as much a man as she is a woman.”


Josie is a woman.

Watch the full video here:

As Elz beautifully said in the video “Gender is who you go to bed as, and sexuality is who you go to bed with.”

It’s this simple. We can’t ask people to live their lives according to what we think. Everyone is entitled to happiness and the society is no one to snatch it from anyone!

Let us know your point of view towards the LGBTQI Community and always remember, life’s too short for hatred, let’s make the best of it with love for everyone!

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