Did You Know The Difference Between An Emoji, An Emoticon, And A Smiley?

The smartphone generation keeps us all hooked to our devices all the day. Thanks to endless applications, we have a solution to everything through the tiny (not so tiny, these days) phone in our hands. Phones are getting smarter and are nowhere limited to making calls only. The biggest boom is in the telecommunication industry, that keeps us connected to people irrespective of the distance.


We are always a click away. And with the messaging becoming so instant, there are now new creative ways of adding emotions to the otherwise textual message- Emojis, emoticons, and smileys.

With these super helpful wondrous signs, words are now just a choice. However, do you actually know the difference between them? We use them multiple times a day and yet I am sure very few of us know the real difference between each of them!

Well, to start with they are three completely different things!


Go back to the Nokia days when texting was all about, ‘Texting’ with the keypads of the phone. We could create them through our keyboards as well. We only had alphabets and basic punctuation marks  (the ones we got after long pressing the 1 button!).

Emoticons are typography display of emotions used with combining alphabets and punctuations, in It is a ‘text only’ medium. 



A smiley was created by Harvey Ross Ball, an American graphic artist, that was a stylized representation of a smiling face. It is basically a yellow circle with two black dots forming the eyes and black curved smile.

The smiley actually became popular in 1962. However, it was only after the internet hit technology that the smiley got a complete make over, saving us at times we have nothing to say!



These are basically everything we use in an awkward situation or when we run out of words, or when we are too lazy to write something. Emoji is a pictorial representation of an emotion.

From a dancing flamenco dancer to a kissing smiley to a poop sign to a rose, basically, everything on your ‘WhatsApp’ window, is an emoji! In fact, emojis are basically genetically modified emoticons and smileys!


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