The Diary Left Behind By The Boy Who Once Called This House, Home #FearFest

We’d been planning this trip forever and naturally, were all super excited. We were headed for some quiet time and catching up. We chose an obscure little town. Knowing little of it, we found a neat little cottage by the sea on Airbnb.

We got a taxi from the airport. Arrived at 10 pm on Friday night.

The host had kindly left us dinner. Hungry, we ate it all. Then made our way to the bedrooms and fell asleep. The drinking and dancing would have to wait till tomorrow.


I woke up sometime before daybreak. The sun had not yet come up. I stumbled over the sleeping forms of my friends to explore the place. That’s when I found it. The diary.

It’d been written in by a guy who called himself Jay. It started off pretty normal.

1st April 1993

Dear Diary, we arrived and settled in to find food on the table. The place looks pretty good. It’s our dream house and it’s perfect. Mum looks happy. This is a new start for all of us.

The next entry was the day after, and so on.

2nd April 1993

We had fun by the beach today. We ran out of food so Dad went out to get some. I wonder if he found the supermarket because it’s nearing midnight now and he still hasn’t returned.


3rd April 1993

We tried calling the police but we can’t get through, and there aren’t any neighbours for miles around. We have no food, and we still have no idea where my Dad is. My brother means to go out and look for him.

4th April 1993

Brother went out to look but did not return. I can’t say if it’s been an hour or a day. Mother and I are delirious from hunger. I don’t remember why we came here.

5th April 1993

Mother won’t wake. I tried to look for help, it’s dark outside, and I don’t have the strength to move anymore. I just want to lie right here and fall asleep a while…


I close shut the diary. Something’s terribly wrong. I look out the window, and it’s true. There isn’t a person in sight for miles. This is a ghost town. The phone lines are dead. I run to the living room only to see the door close.
I turn to my friend Lila who tells me my boyfriend’s gone out on a supermarket errand. I run outside to stop him, it’s too late.

He’s gone too.

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