Daddy’s Trailer Is Out And This Might Be Arjun Rampal’s Best Performance Ever

When it comes to Bollywood bringing in gangster sagas, we have seen them all trying a hand at them. With Sarkar, Gangster, Once Upon A Time In Mumbai, Agneepath and the most recent performance by King Khan in Raees, Bollywood has undoubtedly remained intrigued with gangsters and their stories. However, Daddy’s trailer seems to have upped the game with Arjun Rampal playing Arun Gawli, a well-known gangster who surged in Mumbai during the 1980’s and later joined politics. After a poster shared by Arjun Rampal for his upcoming movie, the trailer has been released.


The story of Arun Gawli’s life starts with the textile mills getting locked out in the 1970’s that rendered many youngsters in Mumbai unemployed, leaving them with no option than to shake hands with crime.

Arjun F1

It was during this time that a gang, ‘Byculla company’ led by Rama Naik and Babu Reshim was joined by Arun Gawli, that later had tribulations with Dawood Ibrahim’s ‘D Company’ gang as well. In the movie, Farhan Akhtar has a cameo playing Dawood.


Not only does Arjun resemble the lead character Gawli, in his signature Maharashtrian attire, it seems he has made sure that this time there are no loopholes left for the audience to poke him with. The trailer of the movie seems promising and for the first time, a trailer seems to have focussed on the prime story rather than taking us through a random star cast check with a snippet of an item song.

‘Daddy’ has been co-written and directed by Ashim Ahluwalia. Also, the crime drama would be Ashim’s leap into mainstream cinema, for the director is known for his feature documentaries John & Jane and Miss Lovely, both recipients of the National Award.

The movie releases on 21st July this year.

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