10 Of The Craziest Things Indian Cricket Fans Have Done For The Love Of The Game

India is a secular country that argues over everything. Beef vs no beef, Salman vs Shahrukh, BJP vs Lol etc. But there is one thing we all pretty much go along with – cricket. the world will come to a standstill and the entire nation will lose its collective shit as soon as 22 men decide to hit a ball with some bats. Every. Friggin. Time. Cricket fans have the highest calling in this country and there’s nothing that can possibly deter them. So when this question was put up on Quora, there were more than enough answers to go around…

Here are 10 times people went batshit crazy for cricket. Which led to some heartwarming but questionable moments.

#1 The Dancing Policeman

Cricket Fans

This happened in 2011, during the India-Pakistan world cup match. Everyone in Bangalore went completely crazy and crowded the streets. But when one policeman tried to get people to stop and go home, even he couldn’t contain his happiness.


Because India beat Pakistan. Nothing else matters.

#2 Cricket Cards For Life

Cricket Fans

So, if we were ever fans of cricket as kids, we know we tried to get every last piece of merchandise we could get our hands on. Which is exactly what this genius did. He bought infinite amounts of Centre Fresh and Pepsi till he got enough cards to satisfy him.

He still has 700 of these bad boys

#3 A Lifelong Cricket Fan Who Has Never Watched A Single Match

Cricket Fans

Her older brother convinced her that she was a bad omen. Every time she watched a ball, it would work out in the opponent’s favour. Which is why she retired to her room and simply heard the commentary on the television or her Nokia’s FM.

#4 “Langoti Pahan Ke Gilli Danda”

Cricket Fans

Lagaan was a huge deal back in the day. It ended up at the Oscars and stuff. It will always be remembered for two reasons – raising the bar for Indian films and the worst Hindi accent in history.

But this guy definitely remembers it very differently. As the movie that made him fall in love with cricket.

#5 Solo World Cup

Cricket Fans

All of us have tried to relive our favourite moments. Whether it’s dancing and singing to our favourite songs or dramatically delivering movie monologues in the shower. But nothing beats this guy who would not only recreate entire matches with just a cricket bat.

He re-enacted an entire world cup.

#6 Oscar Winning Performance

Cricket Fans

Imagine you’re a dedicated student. You’ve worked hard all year. But you also happen to be a die-hard¬†Sehwag fan.

Your parents won’t let you watch till you exam’s over. But you need to know how your favourite cricketer is going to score. You have only one option. Pretend to be sick, watch the match, live with the consequences.

#7 “Fanatic” Is A Dangerous Word

Cricket Fans

Friend: Ricky Ponting is better than Gautam Gambhir.


#8 The Blame Game

Cricket Fans

Sports fans have always been pretty superstitious. They have done just about everything. Fasted, watched the match only at a certain volume, watched only with certain people next to them and a bunch of other crazy stuff. Which is why it’s not that hard to believe they would blame their closest friends for something completely random.

For example, being the reason Sachin got out at 175 back in an India vs Australia match in 2009.

#9 Sachin Tendulkar, The Things You Never Knew

Cricket Fans

You might hae history. You defintitely love Sachin. So what;s the harm in having a little fun.

After all, people in this country believe Sachin can do just about anything anyway. So it is very possible he signed the treaty of Mangalore.

What? He didn’t? Clearly it wasn’t important to this fan.

Just because this is so awesome, here’s a look at hi answer sheet.

Cricket Fans

#10 Hilna Mana Hain

Cricket Fans

if you’re watching a match you;re screaming, dancing, fighting and bunch of other body related stuff.

But not this guy and not his family. They sat still, motionless, not moving an inch until their team won. Now that’s dedication.

So what’s the nuttiest thing you’ve ended up doing for the boys in blue?

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