Does Anybody Remember Justin Bieber’s Mumbai Concert? Atul Khatri Does And He’s Not Happy About It

A lot of people hate Justin Bieber, but nobody could possibly hate him more than Indian dads. Because when men have to pay 3000 and above to listen to a teenager sing, they expect free water at least. But when Atul Khatri was denied his free water he had something to say about it. Apparently, […]

This Hilarious Video Will Update You On The Latest GoT Episode, Doordarshan Style!

So for those of you haven’t had the chance to watch the latest episode of GoT Season 7, which is weird because honestly, how slow are you? Anyway, what was I saying? Right, for those of you haven’t seen it but have been hearing things about dragons and caves, here’s a fun video to bring […]

6 Times People Got Creative With Ice Cream And Took It To A Whole New Level Of Awesome!

Ice Cream is already awesome, agreed. In a cone, on a stick, in a cup or off the floor, it tastes like heaven anyway. But some people gave us a whole new reason to crave this frozen treat even more (as if we needed it) by getting creative with it. Now how can you say […]

These Incredibly Skilled Artisans Turn Sugar Into Stuff That’s Too Beautiful To Eat!

There’s food, and then there’s food that’s art.  And the people behind them? No less than artists. The creators of these almost too pretty to eat creations aren’t Michelin Star chefs but when it comes to talent, they’re just as gifted. Check out these local artisans work sugar into wonders! 1. Sugar Painting in Chengdu, China 2. Candy […]

This YouTube Channel Turns Breakfast Into Edible Art With Their Amazing Pancake Designs!

A father and son from Melbourne, Australia are upping the breakfast game everywhere with their pancakes that are edible replicas of characters from children’s movies. The duo uses pancake batter dyed with food colouring to make their creations; we are sure they taste as good as they look. Their Youtube channel TigerTomato features videos of these fantastic […]

This Animated Film Talks About Homosexuality In The Sweetest Way Possible

This animated movie talks about homosexuality in the sweetest possible way! There are rare films that can explain something so beautifully. And in a world, which is intolerance and hatred is more prominent than love, this animated short film ‘In A Heartbeat’ will make you think and smile. The film picks up the sensitive issue […]

This Artist Makes The Most Oddly Satisfying Paint Mixing Videos That Are A Perfect Distraction From Work!

Annette Labedzki is a Vancouver based artist who shot to Internet fame not just because of her work on canvas, but more because her paint mixing videos are the most soothing thing you’ll see all day! Labedzki is a full-time professional painter who works out of her garage studio. She initially joined Instagram looking to share […]

15 Documentaries On Netflix You Need To Watch To Know The World Around You

Netflix is becoming the new ‘BAE’ for everyone these days. Big thanks to this online streaming site, there is now an endless repertoire of series, movies, and documentaries that are much more than just simple entertainment. If you have been streaming only basic chic flicks or really intense series, perhaps there still a lot to discover […]

This Old Speech By Rahul Bose Holds True Even Today And Is The One You NEED To Watch ASAP

In the video, Rahul Bose talks about this dream for himself and the nation. His thoughts are progressive and quite refreshing, they will give you a boost of inspiration.

This ‘Mere Rashke Qamar’ Remix From Baadshaho Movie Is Getting Trolled Heavily On Twitter

The Twitter for some reason took this song with a pinch of salt humor. For no reason other than entertainment, they started trolling it with their witty wordplay.

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