9 Interesting Things You Can Learn From Your Date’s Social Media Accounts

At an age where half my friends are on Tinder and the other half are on Shaadi.com, it often makes me wonder where I fit in the grand scheme of things. Thankfully, while social media might be the cause of a lot of our problems, dating is one area where it can help. Your date’s […]

8 Train Rides Across The Globe Longer Than Your Daily Commute To Work

Honestly, according to me, the longest train ride in the world is my daily commute from Vasai to Mumbai city. But obviously, it’s not. So if you’re someone who really loves the rhythm of the railways, and are actually interested in knowing about the world’s longest train rides, here’s a list. 1. The Trans-Siberian Express: Moscow […]

10 Common Mistakes That Are Stopping You From Having The Best Sex Of Your Life!

Sex can be pretty intimidating at the start, so it’s only natural that the nervousness makes people goof up, sometimes even unknowingly. These common mistakes are nothing to be embarrassed about, of course, but definitely something you should be aware of since they get in the way of a good time. Make a mental note […]

Here’s What Happens To All The Food That Gets Confiscated At The Airport

My first brush with customs was surprisingly at an airport down south. I was a little girl accompanying my mother back home to Mumbai and we were stopped by the airport authorities who refused to let us through. The reason? The fresh spice mixes we’d picked from the lovely gardens we visited in Munnar. Despite […]

We Bet You Didn’t Know The Fascinating Back Stories Behind These 6 Iconic Movie Props!

A good prop goes a long way in making a movie memorable, that much has always been clear to wizards involved in the creation of onscreen magic. After all, attention to detail in a film can make all the difference between entertainment and engagement. And to prove my point, here’s a look at the fascinating […]

7 Times Humanity Was Told The World Was Going To End – SPOILER ALERT, It Didn’t

GUYS THE WORLD IS GOING TO END! If you didn’t believe us great. It was a stupid idea. If you did, you enjoy the same collective IQ as the people who believed the hoaxes mentioned below. #1. 1806 And The Prophetic Hen Source Yep, this story involves a hen. People believed that the principal ingredient […]

10 Mind-Bending Inventions That Will Have You Reaching For Your Wallets In 2018

Humanity can sometimes be disappointing. Source But there’s nothing like good old-fashioned innovation and creativity that will make you appreciate just how far our species has come from living in caves. #1 Inflatable Shower Curtain Source Elisabeth Buecher’s inflatable shower curtain is designed to make you spend significantly less time in the shower. Designed to […]

6 Vegetable Markets Of The World That Float On Water As You Ask For More Dhaniya

Grocery shopping is a chore that most of us will go to any lengths to avoid. Across the globe though, thanks to floating markets, it’s actually a fascinating experience. Vibrant and buzzing with energy, these markets are like any other, except the vendors row in their wares, with buyers lining the docks to haggle and […]

10 Questionably Sexy Products In Case You Forgot To Buy A Gift For Valentines Day

Sex is subjective. There are things many people find sexy and then things only that weird dude from the fourth floor is into. But still, thanks to the internet, you can enjoy your preferences in healthy and sometimes shady ways. There are multiple places you can buy your creepy shit from. But lurking on these […]

9 Unique Modes Of Public Transport Across The Globe

There are buses and trains and cars and planes, and then there are modes of transport so unique and indigenous to certain places, they almost seem bizarre! Now for locals, of course, travelling by these is just a way of life. But for us thirsty travellers, they’re bound to be an experience of a lifetime. So […]

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