If You Haven’t Made New Year Plans Yet, These Are The Best Parties Happening In Your City

It’s New Years again! Time to party for 3 hours and take pictures of it for 7. There’s no denying that the pressure this evening can put on people is phenomenal. From picking out the right outfit to making certain that your perfectly planned evening doesn’t absolutely go to hell, there’s a lot to look […]

8 Times Disney Films Drew Inspiration From Real Wonders In The World

Magic. Adventure. Princesses and spells and castles so magnificent they seem to touch the sky. Disney has always offered kids (and me) a window into a place of wonder through its films. But did you know some of its most iconic locations were inspired by real-life natural and architectural wonders that you can actually visit? Yup! […]

Can’t Make It To Goa This NYE? Here Are 9 Alternative Destinations In India To Head To!

If you’re too broke to party at Goa or simply looking to do something different this NYE, don’t fret. We’ve got you sorted with this list of alternative destinations that are just perfect for a winter vacation, and won’t leave you bankrupt either. 1. Pondicherry With its charming streets, bougainvillaea-draped houses and laid-back lifestyle, a […]

5 Facts About India’s Growing Population That’ll Convince You Not To Have Kids

As the year 2017 comes to an end, we are one more year older as a democratic nation and growing as ever. As a country, we have come a long way, from fighting for our independence to making a sovereign nation to dealing with social crisis and an ever-growing population. Yes, despite the fact that […]

10 Things That Happen While You Are Serving Your Notice Period

We have all had the pleasure of going through the ecstatic phase of being on our notice period. That time of our life when we are done with our current slavery, ready for a big change in our job, almost done with our cranky boss (usually, they are!) and waiting for our last days to […]

10 Writers Who Predicted The Future Through Their Stories And Actually Proved To Be Right

A writer is often a function of his imagination. Through his work of fiction, they try to weave stories and bring them to life in their novels and stories. However, what was written as a work of fiction turned out to be creepily true years after some books were published. Here are 10 famous authors […]

9 Remote Travel Destinations In India That Are Perfect For An Offbeat Vacation

India is a traveller’s paradise. Whether you seek the thrill of scaling a mountain or sunbathing on the shore, there’s something here for everyone. For those seeking solitude and serenity though, things can get a little difficult, seeing as popular vacation spots are often bustling with tourists. So here’s a list of offbeat destinations that […]

Before You Download Stuff From Torrents, You Should Know About These Piracy Laws

Have you been downloading and seeding your favorite movies because it’s free? Did you download the Game Of Thrones episode or a movie still running in the theatres via torrents? After reading this you might want to be a little more careful. A report by Quint stated that Bollywood loses $2.7 billion to piracy every year. Also, […]

Everything You Need To Know To Have The Best Time At Ed Sheeran’s Concert In Mumbai

Hey there Sheerios! Our long wait to see Ed Sheeran perform live and on stage has finally ended. Despite the injury scare that could have disrupted everything, Ed will take the stage at Jio Gardens, BKC on November 19th. As part of his Asia Tour in support of his album Divide, the UK pop star […]

10 Makeup Basics Explained For Newbies And Confused Boyfriends

Makeup can seem like a pretty intimidating subject for a beginner. But I promise you it’s not. Once you get the hang of it, you’ll be amazed by what it can do. Here’s are the bare basics, in case you find yourself lost in the aisle. 1. Primer From creating a smooth base to combating […]

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