At Just INR 500 Per Night, The Old Quarter Hostel Offers You The Best Holiday Experience In Goa!

If you’re a 20-something with little money but an insatiable wanderlust, then the Old Quarter hostel in Panjim, Goa, is the perfect place for you. Far from your average traveller’s hostel, Old Quarter is housed in a 200-year-old Portuguese home, charming on the outside and in. The well-designed hostel is situated in the historic Fontainhas […]

This App Helps Keep Your City Clean With Just A Click Of A Picture!

Let’s be honest, our Indian cities can be…filthy. And sometimes, it’s just so frustrating to step out of our homes and see all that garbage lying around, even blocking our paths and adding to the already congested roads on occasion. It makes you feel helpless. Well, not anymore. The Ministry of Urban Development (MoUD), GOI […]

10 Indian Cooking Hacks That Will Save Every Working Mom’s Day In The Kitchen

If you’re a working mom, first of all, we bow to thee! Just like a superwoman, we have seriously no idea how you juggle between everyday menus, work, kids and still end up having a ‘Best Mom Ever’ greeting card on Mother’s day! And given how you always have both hands full every day, we […]

A Venture Called Beatmap Is Bringing The Most Happening Party In The City To Your House!

If you haven’t already heard of Beatmap, chances are you’ve been missing out on some of the most interesting events in the city. If you’re in the know, then I’m sure you’ll be glad to hear that the 4th edition of Beatmap’s House Party is happening in Santacruz this Saturday night, featuring music by Ankur Tewari. For […]

8 Fashion Hacks That Will Have Your Wardrobe Looking (Almost) As Good As New!

You know how there are these certain items in our wardrobes that tend to be our favourites? The clothes or shoes we wear a little too often? Whether it’s your go-to heels or that trusty LBD, they soon began to show proof of our fondness for them. So here’s a list of helpful hacks to […]

Ever Wondered Why Coincidences Happen In Our Everyday Life? Here’s The Answer!

Simply defined, a coincidence is ‘something that was unlikely to happen’. But truthfully, people are very permissive with what they think of as an unlikely event.  How many times have you heard someone say, “What are the odds?” and then go on to tell a tale of what they think was a ‘lucky coincidence’? Think […]

10 Of The World’s Least Sexy Products That Are Supposed To Turn You On

Sex is subjective. There are things many people find sexy and then things only that weird dude from the fourth floor is into. But still, thanks to the internet, you can enjoy your preferences in healthy and sometimes shady ways. There are multiple places you can buy your creepy shit from. But lurking on these […]

7 Sunscreen Mistakes You Probably Don’t Know You Are Making!

With every summer, the mercury is simmering higher and higher. The heat is unbearable. We now prefer to stay indoors especially in afternoons. But let’s agree, we can’t escape the burning sun, no matter what. So the best that we can do is to take precautions for ourselves. As much as I desire to stay […]

Addicted To A Drug Called Love? Here’s Why What You Feel Is Nothing More Than A High!

NYTimes bestselling author and entrepreneur, Mark Manson believes that romance is like alcohol. “It feels really f***ing good. Most of the time. But there’s usually a price to pay as soon as you sober up,” he says. And he’s got a point. The addiction they call love is just a high induced by the hormones […]

10 Parody Accounts You Need To Start Following On Twitter Right Away!

Twitter is one hell of a world. Keep the part where things go really serious on the tweeting nest, you get the trolls, the memes and the craziest of hashtags trending. And if you ever went past official accounts, there are parody accounts, that won’t make it less than a live comedy circus. After all, […]

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