15 Utterly Bizarre Pair Of Shoes That Would Make You Bang Your Heads On The Screen

The world is a very strange place. But even stranger are the people in the world of fashion. Just when we thought we had enough of talent in the world of couture with the most bizarre denim trends that the world has seen, here we are with 15 strange shoes! Not only are these shoes […]

This Is What Fruits And Vegetables Looked Like Before We Domesticated Them

The world has ever been changing. Humans too have undergone decades of evolution and bear little resemblance to their ancestors. Hence it is more than evitable that the fruits and vegetables that we eat today are very much different from their forebears. With advancement in technology and farming methods, genetically modified organisms, food has undergone […]

8 Ridiculously Funny Reasons To Stop “Doing It” In The Middle Of Sex!

There are so many good reasons to start having sex, and only a few to stop. However, if you ever find yourself in an umm..intimate situation gone wrong, here’s a list of crazy but totally legit reasons to stop midway. Laugh, but take notes. It’s okay to stop in the middle of sex because… 1. …Baahubali is […]

This Is Why Ireland Should Be Your Next Travel Destination

Fun Fact: Ek Tha Tiger was shot in Dublin, Ireland. Apart from being the Game Of Thrones shooting location, Ireland has a unique history. There are beautiful castles, paths, and windmills on the coast of the Atlantic ocean. Each location has a story and each path has a legend of its own. And if you […]

Have You Ever Stopped To Think What Your Perfume Says About Your Personality?

I think you’ll agree with me when I say that when dressing to impress, an outfit would be incomplete without a spritz of your favourite perfume. After all, the kind of scent you wear is an important reflection of who you are as a person. Not kidding. There’s a lot of data out there that […]

We Bet You Didn’t Know The Fascinating Back Stories Behind These 6 Iconic Movie Props!

A good prop goes a long way in making a movie memorable, that much has always been clear to wizards involved in the creation of onscreen magic. After all, attention to detail in a film can make all the difference between entertainment and engagement. And to prove my point, here’s a look at the fascinating […]

Do You Have Any Fixed Deposit? Banks Deduct TDS & Here’s How You Can Save Your Tax

It’s the time of the year where we curse the government and have to fill out endless forms because of the income tax requisite. As an adult who is working, we have certain responsibilities that can’t be procrastinated. So, if you are earning a certain X amount and have deposited some of it as Fixed […]

This One Setting In Your iPhone Can Make Sure You Are Safe At Times Of Emergency

Our smartphones are always there to have our back! They help us find our way back home, call people at times of emergency and even make sure we don’t get bored. But most of us keep our phones locked, making us and our fingers the only means to operate them! What happens when we are […]

Some Amazing Facts About Google That Would Make You Google If They’re Indeed True!

Even if you don’t have a best friend, Google is always there to give you what you ask for (well, not literally). In times of need, Google has always been that friend in need, from giving the right directions to giving the best of answers to everything we can ever ask for. In no time, […]

How To Look Past The Flaws And Fall In Love With Your Own Beautiful Body

Ladies, I need you to do something for me. I want you to get up, and close the door behind you. Stand in front of a mirror. I need you to look at the beautiful body in there. Can’t see it? That’s okay. I didn’t either, at first. But you will in a bit, I promise. […]

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