Here Are Some Beautiful Rangoli Designs That’ll Add More Joy To The Festive Season!

India is known for its festive spirit and culture and what could be a better time to talk about it when Diwali is right around the corner? The return of Lord Ram from Ayodhya will witness one of the most beautiful celebrations of our country. With just two more days to go, we can already […]

Why Is The “Hanging Till Death” Time Fixed Early In The Morning For Executions?

As per the criminal law in India, when a person is sentenced to death he will be hanged by the neck till he is dead. It is only in the most heinous cases that the Indian court punishes the culprit with an execution. The last time the Supreme Court of India executed someone in India […]

Love Train Travel? Hop Aboard One Of These For The Longest Ride Of Your Life!

Honestly, according to me, the longest train ride in the world is my daily commute from Vasai to Mumbai city. But obviously, it’s not. So if you’re someone who really loves the rhythm of the railways, and are actually interested in knowing about the world’s longest train rides, here’s a list. Hop aboard one of these […]

Picking Out Your First Sex Toy? Here’s What To Look For And Where To Find One In India!

We’ve already talked about everything beginners need to know about using sex toys, so I’m guessing some of you are dying to get their hands on one already. This article will help you do just that. Without further ado, let’s get to the fun part – picking one out that’s perfect for you. What are […]

The Bedroom Blame Game: Are You Responsible For Your Partner’s Orgasms?

When it comes to orgasming during intercourse, a look at statistics across the globe will tell you that one side seems to be losing big time. Yep. Even though it’s each other they’re having sex with, only 25% of women consistently achieve an orgasm as compared to the whopping 75% of men who do so […]

Love Bollywood? Plan A Stay At These 7 Heritage Hotels That Your Favorite Movies Were Filmed At!

As Indians, we’re obsessed with Bollywood. So it’s no wonder then that the films we love also have an important part to play in influencing our travel decisions. Wouldn’t we all like the chance to walk the same halls that our favourite stars once did? At these heritage hotels, all locations where famous Bollywood flicks […]

10 Common Mistakes That Are Stopping You From Having The Best Sex Of Your Life!

Sex can be pretty intimidating at the start, so it’s only natural that the nervousness makes people goof up, sometimes even unknowingly. These common mistakes are nothing to be embarrassed about, of course, but definitely something you should be aware of since they get in the way of a good time. Make a mental note […]

Here’s What Your Sleeping Position Reveals About Your Personality!

Sleep is certainly one of the most important aspects of human life but what we might not know is apart from providing rest to our mind and body, our sleeping pattern also explains a lot about our personality. The way we sleep is actually a very subconscious choice but it holds a lot of facts […]

Sex Toys For Beginners: Everything You Need To Know To Use These Handy Devices!

Even though the oldest known sex toy has been around for over a thousand years now, the mere mention of the word “dildo” still elicits giggles, a variety of interesting facial expressions, and at most times, quiet judgement. Of course, we all have our own fears and blind spots when it comes to sex, so […]

8 Reasons You Should Be Heading To Colombia On Your Next International Vacation!

Colombia is an exceptional destination if you want to experience beauty in the ordinary, despite its dark history of cocaine cartels, kidnappings and corruption. In the last two decades, it has evolved into one of Latin America’s brightest stars. Here are 8 compelling reasons to visit if you need any more convincing! 1. Caño Cristales […]

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