Rahul Gandhi Went To Watch Star Wars And It Made Countless People Worried

Apparently, you can’t go to watch Star Wars if you’ve just lost the elections in 2 states. Or at least that’s what applies to Rahul Gandhi. Only a few hours after the election result was declared on Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh, the hashtag #AreYouSeriousRahul started trending, fueled by ‘exclusive’ footage of him entering the theater, […]

Unlike BJP, Twitter Won The Gujarat Elections In An Absolute Landslide Of Dumb Jokes

So the BJP won. Source After all the news coverage and the speculation and debate, the BJP won the Gujarat Elections as well as Himachal Pradesh, leaving only 4 states in India where their foothold remains unestablished. After clashes and countless debates that ranged from news studios to your dinner table, the two states ultimately […]

Rajeev Masand Calls Out Sexist Headline That Can’t Believe Priyanka Chopra’s Fees

“Priyanka Chopra isn’t really a big deal,” said no one ever. Well, at least not after the year 2000. Source Being one of the rare Bollywood names to make a mark in Hollywood and American culture overall, Priyanka Chopra is a powerhouse all on her own. After having achieved the success she worked so hard […]

Shashi Tharoor Responds To AMUL’s Cartoon On Him With Class, Humor And More Big Words

This politician is known to voice his opinions and prove facts and distort your perceived notions. Apart from his innate intellect, Shashi Tharoor’s proficient use of English language has given him an unusual status. When  ‘The Republic’ Arnab Goswami created controversy by releasing Sunanda Murder Tapes to air which directly incriminated Shashi Tharoor for the crime, he […]

Begin Your Week With A Dose Of Laughter With These 14 Hilarious Tweets

Making Monday’s great again! Feeling gloomy? Here are some funny tweets to motivate you to rock your week!

Rohit Sharma Creates History By Becoming The Only Cricketer To Score 3 Double-Centuries

Rohit Sharma is the only man to smash more than one double hundred in ODIs Source ODIs are tough. To score a century in ODIs are considered good enough but when a batsman makes a double century, it is actually quite praised. Why? Because there are only four apart from Rohit who have scored a double […]

Cricketing Fraternity Congratulates Virushka On Their Wedding!

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma got married in an intimate wedding ceremony in Milan, Italy. Congratulations started pouring in from all quarters for the lovely couple. Their fans, their friends from the industry, and other celebrities, from various walks of life. The cricketing community also wasn’t too far […]

Folks Are Creating 4-Word Happy Stories Of Their Dreams And They Are Very Relatable

Happy stories are not everyone’s niche. It takes a certain wordplay to strike the cord. It is especially tougher when you have the word limit of only 4. Sounds like a dreadful challenge right? Not for Twitter. Write a happy story in 4 words — Tèmítáyọ̀ Onílù (@EmiNiTybaba) November 30, 2017 The thing about these […]

The Mumbai Rains Are Totally Unexpected, Twitter Reacting Sarcastically Is Not

Oh no! Mumbai’s screwed once again… Source Cyclone Ockhi has devastated Sri Lanka and the Maldives. Its first impact on India was made in Kerala and Tamil Nadu. The cyclone has not only caused immense property damage but has also claimed lives and is beginning to affect regions that are typically inexperienced with rains in December. […]

Richa Chadda Is Not Pleased With Fans Who Chased Her On Motorcycles Asking For A Selfie

Bollywood fans a little obsessed, let us safely agree on this. Source  An industry that has realized thousands of dreams is bound to have an enviable following. But unlike other countries, India goes a little overboard when showing their appreciation for the whole thing. Which is something Richa Chadda discovered to her detriment this weekend. […]

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