Folks Are Creating 4-Word Happy Stories Of Their Dreams And They Are Very Relatable

Happy stories are not everyone’s niche. It takes a certain wordplay to strike the cord. It is especially tougher when you have the word limit of only 4. Sounds like a dreadful challenge right? Not for Twitter. Write a happy story in 4 words — Tèmítáyọ̀ Onílù (@EmiNiTybaba) November 30, 2017 The thing about these […]

The Mumbai Rains Are Totally Unexpected, Twitter Reacting Sarcastically Is Not

Oh no! Mumbai’s screwed once again… Source Cyclone Ockhi has devastated Sri Lanka and the Maldives. Its first impact on India was made in Kerala and Tamil Nadu. The cyclone has not only caused immense property damage but has also claimed lives and is beginning to affect regions that are typically inexperienced with rains in December. […]

Richa Chadda Is Not Pleased With Fans Who Chased Her On Motorcycles Asking For A Selfie

Bollywood fans a little obsessed, let us safely agree on this. Source  An industry that has realized thousands of dreams is bound to have an enviable following. But unlike other countries, India goes a little overboard when showing their appreciation for the whole thing. Which is something Richa Chadda discovered to her detriment this weekend. […]

Shraddha Kapoor’s Marilyn Monroe Post Got Trolled Faster Than Green Tea Reduces Body Fat

Does anybody like Green Tea? Anybody? Well, at least Shraddha Kapoor is brilliant at pretending she does. Source If the advertisement is anything to go by, Shraddha Kapoor be sippin’ on that tea all the time. But just how Marilyn Monroe got dragged into this little love affair is quite entertaining. As we know, celebrities love […]

The Responses To ‘What Is Your Earliest Memory?’ Will Give You A Good Nostalgia Trip

Memories are a tricky thing. You remember the bits and pieces of it and sometimes you recreate a figment of your imagination. Age and nostalgia do that to you. We remember the most poignant moments from our lives, they stay there at the back of our minds, waiting for the doors to be opened and unleashed. […]

UIDAI Responding To Jose’s Joke On Ivanka Trump And Aadhar Card Is Hilarious

Daughter of The United State’s President, Ivanka Trump was on a two-day visit to India and it was impossible for the Internet to not utilize this trip in generating the most epic memes.  Source Ivanka was leading a 360-member American delegation at the Global Entrepreneurship Summit where she also attended a session on women leaders in […]

Rick And Morty Creator Surprised Fans With His Advice On Depression To A Twitter User

The co-author of Rick And Morty, Dan Harmon, gave the most illuminating answer to his fan.  Source Depression can really take on us and our families. It’s actually a disease which makes us feel that there is nothing good and we are not worthy of anything. There are times when we actually feel helpless and […]

Virat Kohli’s Candid Reply To Manushi Chillar’s Question Is The Stuff Of Legends

What happens when best of Cricket and the best of glamour get to share a common platform? 20-year-old Manushi Chillar was recently crowned as Miss World in a grand event that was held in China. Manushi brought an end to the dry luck we’d been facing in beauty pageants for years. Manushi is now back […]

With Just One Tweet, Zomato Got Its Customers To Stop And Notice These Hilarious Ads

If you are a foodie, there are chances you are in a full-time relationship with Zomato. The online food delivery website has changed the way India eats, literally. And what makes them better at their business is the way everything they do is an out of the box idea. Zomato has already been in the […]

Amitabh Bachchan Isn’t Too Happy With Akshay Kumar Embarassing Him At IFFI Last Night

Amitabh Bachchan has given Bollywood some of its finest movies and he is not stopping anytime soon as he continues to give us cinema at its best!  Source Amitabh Bachchan was honored with the ‘Indian Film Personality of the Year Award’ at the closing ceremony of International Film Festival of India (IFFI) on Tuesday evening. Being […]

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