Bengaluru College Is Allegedly Teaching ‘Advantages Of Dowry’ Like It’s Frigging Algebra

As we sit here and wait for ‘Acche Din’ to arrive this post shared on Facebook tells us why they’ll never be bestowed upon us. A country that calls itself progressive will never teach young mind ‘Advantages of Dowry’ and well, it looks like we are not a very progressive country. No, this is not one […]

This Cancer Patient’s Last Wish Is To Meet Shah Rukh Khan And Twitter Rallies With #SRKMeetsAruna

All Aruna PK wants is to meet her hero Shah Rukh Khan. Twitter supports with #SRKMeetsAruna.

KFC’s Official Twitter Account Only Follows 11 People Who Literally Are Their Secret Ingredient

If you’re a human that loves chicken, your existence is questionable if you don’t love ‘Kentucky Fried Chicken’. It is certainly finger licking good and we’d totally agree to that. However, apart from the awesome chicken that KFC serves, there is also something super awesome about their social media handle and we’re losing our minds on […]

Sachin Tendulkar’s Brutally Honest Birthday Wish For Sehwag Takes The Cake Today

The most famous opening batsman partnership, Sachin Tendulkar and Virender Sehwag have known to be the best of friends. They share a close bond with each other. The pair together has scored numerous runs and outdid the opposition almost everytime. Today is Virender Sehwag’s birthday. For his buddy’s birthday, Sachin Tendulkar wrote a birthday wish […]

[WATCH] Dhinchak Pooja Killing It In Her Bigg Boss Audition!

The house of Bigg Boss is soon going to be infused with a healthy dose of swag, as rapper Dhinchak Pooja makes her way into the show. Yes, you read that right, the queen of cringe-pop in India, Dhinchak Pooja, is soon going to enter the Bigg Boss house as a wild card contestant. She, […]

People On Twitter Were Bursting Out With Laughter Instead Of Bursting Crackers On Diwali!

In case, you’ve had to wake up and come to work, this might be the dose of laughter you need. This was probably the most silent Diwali ever, well it was supposed to be, at least for Delhi. Which obviously gave us so many reasons to laugh. The janta on Twitter was too jobless and […]

Here’s What Morning In Delhi Looks Like After Celebrating A Cracker-Free Diwali

The morning after Diwali, Delhi woke up to a blanket of smog as always, a sure sign that winter’s on its way. Though the problem is mostly a result of the crop stubble burning on the city’s outskirts, firecrackers only make it worse, drastically changing the city’s AQI (Air Quality Index) values from safe to […]

5 Reasons Why Virendra Sehwag Is The King Of Tweets

Social Media has become a tool for sportspersons to stay in touch with their fans. Some players update their fans via Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram about their tours and matches. And then there’s Virendra Sehwag, who not only uses social media to connect with his fans but also spread messages across and put a smile […]

KRK’s Twitter Account Gets Suspended Finally; Blames Aamir Khan For It!

Part time troll and full time trash talker KRK was in for a rude shock yesterday as his Twitter account got suspended. Even though the details of the same are still unknown, it is being said that this was in connection to the derogatory remarks KRK made against Aamir Khan and his latest film Secret […]

A Reddit Thread Asked People To Predict The Next One Year & They’ve Come Up With Some Gems

Diwali is a great time to be alive. What better way to celebrate a festival than to sit around and complete work from home? Source But you saw this coming right? You knew you’d be spending your morning desperately typing into a keyboard so you could save your afternoon from being taken over by work. […]

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