This J&K Recruitment Exam Is Testing More Than Just Competency, It Is Testing Your Patriotism

Whoever set this question for the Jammu and Kashmir recruitment exam is in SO much trouble! Indian examinations are far from perfect. Remember mugging up for a tough paper and knowing full well that the subject is going to be hard to clear? Then we’d resort to other wishful thinking like hoping the exam would […]

Punjabis Beware: Justin Trudeau’s Bhangra Moves Are Giving You Some Serious Competition

Justin Trudeau’s India visit just keeps getting better with time. From dressing up like Manyavar models to making chapatis at Golden Temple, he is doing it all and we can’t help but fall in love with his gestures. Source However, at an event last night, we are convinced that he is one of us and […]

8 Times Firangs Made Mundane Desi Things Look Amazing

‘Teen goona Lagaan dena padega’ will definitely not sound cool if people like you and me said it but don’t we all remember how iconic this dialogue sounded when the firang in Lagaan said it? Source I think Indians have this tendency to get fascinated by everything that Firangs do and Justin Trudeau’s trip to […]

Guys, Diljit Dosanjh Is Finally Over Kylie Jenner, His New Single ‘High End’ Is The Proof

This long-distance relationship just got a lot more complicated.

Sophia Is World’s First Humanoid Robot, Her Favorite Film Star Is A Bollywood Superstar

Sophia, a humanoid robot powered by Artificial Intelligence as close to human, as technology can get.

Instead Of Medicines, Indian Woman Gets Groped, Abused And Molested At Local Chemist

For Ruth Pal Chaudhuri a visit to the chemist became a nightmare. She went for medicines, instead got molested and assaulted.

Survey Reveals Interesting Details About The Wealth And Criminal Records Of Our CMs

One assumes Government servants make a decent amount of cash. Turns out they do. They really, really do. A report by the Association for Democratic Reforms focused on around 31 ministers from Indian states and Union Territories. The results are in and they are not quite what we would have expected. Source For instance, according […]

Ladies, If You Are A Man Down This V-Day, This Guy Can Be Your Pretend Boyfriend

Single women who feel let down about having no date for the Valentine’s, there is a solution available

Class Is Back In Session With Shashi Tharoor And Twitter’s Grabbed Its Dictionary

Bust out your dictionaries out ladies and gents, because Shashi Tharoor’s Twitter account is back in business. The man who boggled everyone’s minds in 2017 with an iconic tweet is back at it. But this time, his beautifully articulated wrath has been redirected towards BJP MP Vinay Katiyar. The debate around the Taj Mahal rages […]

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