Some Video Games Are Fun For The Whole Family, These 7 Are Not!

Video games are still too weird for their own good. Even today, the games we play might not be the best for our parents to look at. But if your parents are anything like mine, they’ll walk into your room anyway. Because if you lock the door, they’ll just tell you they own the lock. […]

It’s Time We Talk: Why Are Apps Like, Sarahah Even Famous?

By now, your Facebook feed might be swamped with people posting about Sarahah. It’s not just there on my social media networks but people are actually talking about it. As soon as I reach my office and my colleagues have some or another opinion about this app. While giving honest feedback is actually good but […]

This Bride Makes A Valid Point By Getting Married Without Any Makeup Or Jewellery

Tasneem Jara is an¬†extraordinarily pretty bride who got married without putting on any makeup or jewellery, in a simple and subtle cotton saree. Yet, this bride was more than enough to make headlines, forget turning heads. source According to Tasneem, an expensive wedding dress would have made it difficult to walk for her and also […]

Did You Know? OnePlus, Oppo, And Vivo Have The Same Owner!

And, you thought they were competitors! Smartphone giants OnePlus, Oppo, and Vivo are all Chinese brands, this much we knew already. But this new revelation might just shock you- that the three brands are owned by the same parent company! Meet BBK Electronics, the Chinese electronics giant, which owns Oppo and Vivo. While OnePlus is […]

BCCC Moves ‘Pehredaar Piya Ki’ To A 10 pm Slot; Orders To Run A Scroll!

Unless you have been living under a rock, you know why ‘Pehredaar Piya Ki’ has been doing rounds on the internet. The show that airs at 8:00 pm on Sony Television is being criticized widely for allegedly promoting child marriage. However, the makers of the show completely deny of this accusation and stated that it […]

Bollywood Celebs Are Already Bragging About This Friday’s Release – Bareilly Ki Barfi

The movie Bareilly Ki Barfi is releasing this Friday and Bollywood got to watch it first before the audience could get their hands on it.

Hot Pie From ‘Game Of Thrones’ Owns A Bakery Called ‘You Know Nothing Jon Dough’

Ben Hawkey who plays Hot Pie on Game Of Thrones owns a bakery in London. Now, this is one place any GOT fan would love to visit! Hot Pie from Game Of Thrones owns a themed bakery aptly called ‘You Know Nothing Jon Dough’. The bakery is based in London and it operates via a […]

4 Simple Ways To Make Your New Pair Of Jeans Last Longer

You are either a denim person or not. 90% people on earth are denim janta and 70% of these people don’t know how to take care of their denim. Yes, I completely made that fact up, but it is true. I am a trustworthy person I swear. Here is the thing about denim, they are […]

Amul’s Ad On The Blue Whale Challenge Is Spot On!

Amul has been known for making legendary ads and most of the times they focus on topics that are relevant to the society. Their ads address issues that are related to the people in negative or positive ways and leave us with mixed emotions! This time the brand has focused on the much spoke ‘Blue […]

This Artist Stood Still For 6 Hrs To Let People Do Whatever They Wanted To Her Body

If you happen to meditate on the internet for half of your day, you must have heard of the performance artist Marina Abramovic through her famous video of silent reunion with her lover Frank Uwe Laysiepen. The artist is known as the ‘grandmother of art’ by many and has given multiple thought provoking art performances […]

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