Meet The Crew Who Cleans Porn, Nudity And Brutal Violence On The Internet

Imagine yourself browsing a website and finding a video which shows the beheading of a man. Or browsing through your social media feed and a ‘not-so-good-looking’ naked man humping in the corner. Across the country, there are teams of young engineers whose job it is to make sure that doesn’t happen. They’re called web content moderators. Their […]

10 Times Biswa Kalyan Rath Proved That He Is The King Of Chill By Giving No F***s

There are few people who can carry around the cool cat attitude at all times with ease. Biswa Kalyan Rath is one of them. The comedian continually impresses people with his sharp observational comedy and has become one of the A-listers on the Indian stand-up comedy scene. His caustic sense of humor is however not […]

These Amazing Quotes Are A Must Read For Every Dan Brown Fan

Everyone must already own at least one copy of a Dan Brown book. In a country with a limited reading habit, Dan Brown often becomes the first writer who our Indian readers get familiar with. His books have this aura of mystery and conspiracy that makes each and every one of them a page-turner. Here are […]

Are Cows Safer Than Women? This Artist Has Started A Protest By Making Women Wear Cow Masks

How safe are women in this country? If you tune into your smartphones/TV screens/newspapers, there’s one news that has been a constant – a crime against women, rape cases and politicians defending the ‘boys’. All these records speak only for the month of June, by the way! The newspapers are full of many such brutal cases. Women […]

These Profound Quotes From Jean-Paul Sartre Will Help You In The Journey Called Life

How many times have you found yourself contemplating the meaninglessness of it all, your place in this alien universe, and feeling trapped within the deeper recesses of your own psyche. After all, misery loves company. Hated, revered, and sending people into an existential tizzy since 1940-something, Jean-Paul Sartre’s work remains crucial. Intent on provoking us to […]

Shortcuts To Winning Arguments On The Internet Without Losing Your Mind!

The Internet is similar to an Indian monument. You see a brilliant structure all clean and pristine but as you walk out and get around the monument you see dirty lanes with garbage all over the streets. The Internet is essentially more of that filthy street. We have freedom of expression and speech. At times this freedom […]

10 People So Stupid, They Will Be Doing The World A Lot Of Good If They Don’t Procreate. Like Ever!

Some people are born stupid and others just make fun of it. Today, I shall try to thrust stupidity upon you, since that seems to be going around the internet quite freely. There are two types of people: idiots and then there are stupid people who SHOULD not procreate and add more misery to humanity. […]

Tired Of Mainstream Bollywood Music? You SHOULD Be Checking Out These 6 Indian Artists (Pt 2)

Maybe you are sick of the songs in your playlist. Are the Bollywood songs getting a tad bit tiresome and repetitive in theme? These are signs that you are ready to listen to some fresh sounds. Here are some new Indian artists on the scene who are playing around with their unique sounds. From techno […]

A Spanish Bullfighter Succumbed To Injuries After Being Attacked By A Bull

In a very tragic incident, Ivan Fandino, 36, was killed during a bull-running festival in Aire-sur-l’Adour in the southwest of France. He tripped off his cloak and the bull didn’t take long to attack him eventually leading to his death. Source According to the people who were present at the venue, Ivan was using his […]

Michael Phelps Is All Set To Race Against A Great White Shark With The Whole World Watching!

Olympic athletes are pretty much sexy gods. They’re dedicated, at the peak of their physical fitness and they are singular heroes for their entire country. Which is why Michael Phelps is so celebrated over in the US. He was splashed all over the media during the 2008 and 2012 Olympics. The world’s most decorated Olympian […]

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