7 Everyday Things That Will Soon Vanish From The Face Of The Planet

We love taking everything for granted, don’t we? When was the last time you used your landline? When was the last time you took played a movie through the DVD player? When did you use the desktop? Technology advancements change everything, don’t they? In the dynamic world that we live in, improvisations are made every […]

11 Horrifying Things Found Living Inside A Human Body

You might have heard your grandmother or your mother recounting the tales of their childhood. At times it did revolve around the strange things they might have experienced or heard. There are few unwelcomed guests that come and stay in the human body.  From a spider living in a human’s stomach to a cockroach dwelling in […]

Indians Are Asking Life’s Most Important Questions On Quora And No One Has An Answer

If I had a choice between using Quora and dying in Delhi’s kohra, I’d chose to die. Quora has become a cesspool of engineers who are trying a little too hard to one up each other while participating in a circle-jerk. In this competition of ‘How IIT can you get’, information takes a backseat as […]

Under-19 Star Prithvi Shaw Is Being Compared With Sachin After His Innings Yesterday

The Indian U-19 cricket team has been playing well in the ongoing World Cup for the category.  In the match against Australia, we saw phenomenal performances all around the pitch as the Blues were too good for the Aussies. Defending a total of 328/7, the youngsters bowled out Australia for 228, registering their first victory. […]

10 Of Nokia’s Weirdest Looking Phones We Loved Before Selling Our Souls To Apple

Phones these days pretty much look like designers drew a rectangle on a page and decided to go home. Source But it wasn’t always a sea of minimalist black. Because before Apple and Samsung decided to fight it out for control of the world’s smartphone market while Blackberry’s corpse lay in the corner there was […]

Forget Cocaine, Heroin And Weed, Chocolate Is The Newest Drug That People Are Getting High On

Do you like your crippling drug addiction with a side helping of diabetes? Then this has to be the product for you. Source Cocaine, Heroin and LSD have all had their time and are remembered fondly by people from all walks of life. From incarcerated prisoners to movie stars, many around the world have been […]

Virat Kohli Channeled His Inner Paschim Vihar On The Field And The Stump Mic Caught It

Virat Kohli is not exactly famous for keeping his temper in check. Being a typical Delhi guy, it’s actually quite surprising how we’ve never heard enough of his saddi dilli expletives on the stump mic. In the second test against South Africa, the Indian batting line-up had a point to prove after a dismal performance […]

Director Anurag Kashyap Gets Candid About His Unique Relationship With Shah Rukh Khan

Anurag Kashyap and Shah Rukh Khan are at the opposite ends of Bollywood’s spectrum. The former has been known for gritty cinema that takes a dig at the status-quo while the latter has now been reduced to a caricature of his previous self with arm-waving and romancing women cliches. It came as a massive surprise […]

This Short Film On Old Monk Will Remind You Of Better Times With Your Friends

Old Monk is not merely a drink, it is a religion. There are two kinds of people in this world, who swear by Old Monk and those who don’t appreciate it. It is not just about drinking alcohol. Old Monk brings back the memory of chilling with your friends when you were too broke for […]

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