These Amazing Facts About The Mission Impossible Franchise Will Surely Make You Want To Watch All Of Them Again

Mission: Impossible has become a part and parcel of Hollywood as we know it. One of the biggest stars in the world – Tom Cruise, performs death defying stunts and that theme manages to capture the imagination of us all. MI is truly a summer spectacle to behold. The Mission Impossible franchise has been successful […]

Mission Impossible’s Theme Song Is The Coolest Thing To Have Come Out Of The 90s

Movie soundtracks have always been an integral part of the cinema viewing experience. They often elevate fantastic storytelling to a degree where even coming across similar music takes us back to the sheer joy we felt during the movie. And if there’s one iconic soundtrack to have come out of the 90s, it’s the Mission […]

This Year’s IPL Has Been All About These Youngsters Who’ll Surely Be The Future Of The Sport

Every year, IPL manages to bring out the best talents all across the globe who make their mark in the sport for years to come. We’ve seen multiple youngsters come out and give a stern competition to global stars. A desi youngster hitting a world class pace bowler for a six is always a great […]

Lebensborn: The Horrifying Story Of Hitler’s Cruelest Experiment

Being a blond-haired, blue-eyed baby in central Europe before World War II got you admiring looks. During Hitler’s tyranny, however, it was simply a curse, for it attracted the attention of Heinrich Himmler, the psychopathic head of the German SS, and you were instantly ripped away from your mother’s arms. Himmler’s obsession with “purity” began […]

6 Of The Most Chilling Mass Suicides In Recent History

If we take a look at history, it’s evident that mass suicides have been committed for a number of reasons ranging from religious to cult ideology or simply, to avoid capture by the enemy. Here are 6 of the most unnerving instances that left behind a field of dead bodies and a number of questions, […]

8 Lesser Known Facts About India’s Unofficial National Drink: Old Monk

Nothing unites India like a peg of Old Monk and bowl of chakna. It’s the rum that most Indians swear by, regardless of caste, class or creed. So in celebration of its 63rd year, here are some lesser-known facts about the great “Budha Sadhu” to ponder over while you sit back and raise a toast. […]

Raazi Is Bollywood’s Answer To The Chest Thumping Hyper Nationalism Going On Right Now

Nationalism has become a huge talking point in modern India. Having bundled-up with (the very different) patriotism, nationalism has been reduced to a drum beating competition where people have to openly declare their love for the country. It’s not a private affair anymore as you need to prove your Indian-ness to be accepted by the […]

A Marvel Non-fan Tries Naming Characters From Avengers: Infinity War And Fails Hilariously!

Well, to be fair, this is how these weird creatures from Marvel Universe might seem to someone who isn’t into it.

Keeping Tabs On Terrorism: 4 Of The World’s Deadliest Militant Organizations

16 years ago, following the September 11 attack in New York, former POTUS George W. Bush declared the beginnings of a “Global War on Terrorism”. The war continues to this day. Between 2006 and 2016, 216,915 lives, a majority of them civilian, were claimed by terrorist organizations acting through armed attacks, bombings, and abductions. Here’s […]

Tinkle, Archie’s and Chacha Chaudhary – Kenny Sebastian Will Take You On A Nostalgic Ride With This Hilarious ‘Chai Time’

In a series of performances named Chai Time (isn’t all time, chai time?!), stand-up artist Kenny Sebastian adds humour to our beloved childhood memories. Kenny Sebastian, 25, with a YouTube following of over 600K, has been making content on YouTube for the past 8 years now. He’s been creating quite a buzz with his stand-up comedy […]

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