This Bouncer In Thane Is A Woman And You Don’t Want To Mess With Her

Long gone are those days when protection of people was only a man’s job. This 29-year-old woman is Thane’s first female bouncer and she would be the wrong person to get in trouble with. She is trained in Martial arts and works as a fitness trainer during the day. This initiative by a popular lounge […]

10 Reasons Why Small-Towners Can’t Feel At Home In Metro Cities!

Who doesn’t want to make big in life? As soon as we gain a sense of our surroundings, we start planning a future which includes studying at the best of institutions and getting a decent job. For people who have been staying in small towns, one major event that takes place in their lives is […]

7 Bollywood Songs You Need In Your Playlist To Make This Monsoon Dhinchak

Rain makes everything beautiful. Gone are the sweltering days when you had to deal with humidity. Now instead, you are blessed with a pleasant weather that can sometimes be unpredictable. It is a perfect time to refresh your Bollywood playlist. Although the monsoon in India is not always the most convenient of times, it does […]

From A to Z, This Is How We Selected The Letter “K” To Denote “Thousand”

I want every article of mine to reach to a Thousand likes. Short Term Goals! The song  ‘A Thousand Years’ from the (please don’t judge me) eternal-love-vampire-saga ‘Twilight’ is playing in the background! There are a Thousand bells ringing in my head as to why would we choose a simple letter “K” from the huge […]

After A Heart Transplant, Reena Is India’s First Woman To Represent Us At Global Transplant Games In Spain

Reena Raju had undergone a heart transplant surgery in 2009 and now will compete in women’s 100m (30-39 years category). Transplant surgery isn’t easy. For the basics, it takes years for the patient to get the organ. Also, there are so many complications after the surgery. There is a constant fear of organ rejection, medications […]

This Village In Meghalaya Has A Unique Way Of Communicating Without Words – Whistling

Our name is something that means a lot to each of us. From our birth certificate onward, there is one official way that we can refer to each other and it tends to stick for life. Unless of course, we decide to drop everything and become movie stars. But knowing how most of us look, […]

This Girl Was Denied A Room By A Hotel In Hyderabad For Traveling Solo!

Nupur Saraswat who is a spoken word artist found herself stuck in the middle of nowhere in Hyderabad when the hotel she’d booked for herself denied giving her accommodation for being a single woman guest. Yep, you heard that right. She was not allowed to stay for she is a woman who’s traveling alone and […]

Sikh Man Explains What Racism Feels Like Post The Viral Snapchat Story

Maybe the world was a better place before 9/11 divided it into terrorists, potential terrorists, and the safe-zoned public. It was after the wrath of terrorism that struck the twin towers in the USA, that minorities were given a new face, a face that could be frisked, checked, detained and even questioned on mere suspicion. […]

Dhoni, Kohli And Others Chilling With DJ Bravo At His Place Shows True Sportsmanship

Cricket, a sport that divides countries on the pitch and unites players from all across the world when they’re not playing the game. The same spirit was evident after the India-Pakistan match and now once again, players of the Indian team were seen having a good time with out-of-action West Indies player Dwayne Bravo at […]

The Hand That Rocks The Cradle Sings A Lullaby While I Sleep #FearFest

24th March 1977 Today I say hello to a new future. But before that, I need to go back to the past, one last time. I need to tell you about my Mother. Growing up, it was just the two of us, so we were really close. We moved around a lot, like we were […]

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