PornHub Is Giving Its Users An STD, But Not In The Way You Think

Guys, let’s get this out of the way, I don’t use PornHub, you don’t use PornHub, none of us do… we just know a lot about it. Agreed? Good. Source But there might be a tiny reason for you to stop using the website for a moment. And it’s not the tiny reason you generally […]

People React To Ed Sheeran Breaking His Arm In The Most Ed Sheeran Way Possible

If you haven’t already heard the worst news all day Guys, here it is – Shape Of You singer Ed Sheeran has been in a bicycle accident that’s most likely going to affect the remainder of his Divide tour, including his highly anticipated concert in Mumbai next month. The Brit singer shared this post on […]

These 7 Super Cool And Life-Changing Inventions Were Created By Mistake

Did you know the microwave was invented by mistake? Luck is a very important factor in everything but timing my friend, is the one that can change the game. Something just like that happened when these inventors were inventing one thing but fate had something else planned up. Mistakes can define you, these mistakes were […]

Throwback To When Karan Johar Tried To Recreate Kuch Kuch Hota Hai With A Sci Fi Twist

So 19 years ago, ‘Kuch Kuch Hota Hai’ taught us that pyaar dosti hai. Almost two decades ago, we understood that kuch kuch hota hai and we all have a Rahul who doesn’t understand. And we still can’t get over the fact that Anjali chose Rahul over Aman. All said and done, we can still manage […]

Virat Kohli Picks Pakistani Pacer As The Best Bowler He Has Faced

At number 8 on ESPN’s list of most famous athletes, Virat Kohli is a force to reckon with both on and off the field, and not one to shy away from doing or saying anything he believes in. The 28-year-old Captain of the Indian Cricket team has never hesitated to accept his mistakes and give […]

Here’s Why Long Distance Relationships Aren’t That Hard!

Let me first clarify. Yes, long distance relationships are hard. But they aren’t as difficult as most people perceive them to be. It surely hurts when we can’t be with our loved ones, especially when they need it. But the way it has been judged, misunderstood bothers me. I happened to Google long distance relationships […]

This Blog By Aarushi’s Best Friend Is What You Need To Read Before You Pass Your Judgement On The Case

The night of 15th May 2008 will haunt the nation forever. 14-year-old Aarushi Talwar was found dead at her residence in Noida and the verdict announced her own parents as guilty. The incident was just more than a murder and the media left no stone unturned to sensationalize it. Source There were stories about her […]

10 Different Deadliest Food Items That People Around The World Love To Eat

Food lovers don’t mind experimenting with new food or try a new combination of various food dishes. But, as tempting as these mysterious delicacies can often appear, some of them can make us violently ill or even worse can be fatal. 1. Raw Cashews Source Most of us love cashews and love to have it on any […]

This Video Shows How The Human Brain Is Delicate, Fascinating And Scary, All In One

Your brain is important. Or at least most other people’s brains are. Source But the brain has always retained more mysteries than one would think. Many of its functions are still unknown and the idea of human consciousness, awareness are yet beyond our grasp. But the one thing we definitely can understand about the human […]

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