Typhoid Mary: The Most Famous Disease Carrier In History

The story of Mary Mallon, or the infamous Typhoid Mary, begins in the year 1906 with a man called Charles Henry Warren. For their summer vacation that year, the New York banker and his family rented a summer home from George Thompson in Oyster Bay, Long Island. Mary was to be their cook. Then on […]

Charles Sobhraj: The Story Of The Infamous Bikini Killer

My first introduction to Charles Sobhraj was a couple of summers ago, when I walked into Goa’s O’Coqueiro Restaurant. It was there in 1986 that the alleged killer had been waiting for a call when he was ambushed by Inspector Madhukar Zende. He’d escaped from Delhi’s Tihar Jail, a maximum security prison, only two weeks before. […]

A Letter From HR To The Woman Who Used The Toilet Before Me

Aadarniya sahyog, aapko mera pranaam. Source First off, let me congratulate you on this milestone achievement. I and my entire team of fellow women are celebrating you having successfully navigated all social taboos and released your body’s waste into the commode. We do understand that this is an undertaking into which you have dedicated a lot […]

The Intriguing Stories Behind 9 Of The World’s Most Iconic Photographs

When was the last time a “candid” photograph with a pretentious quote made you stop scrolling? Only never. With photographs plastering almost all of our social media feeds everyday, we rarely ever find ourselves giving them a second glance and or much thought. But not the ones on these list. For years, these enduring photos […]

The Intriguing Story Behind The ‘Most Beautiful Suicide’ Photograph

On May 1st, 1947, around 10:40 am, Patrolman John Morrissey noticed a white scarf floating down from the upper floors of the Empire State Building as he was directing traffic at Thirty-fourth Street and Fifth Avenue. Moments later, there was a resounding crash; the sickening crunch of flesh against metal as the body of a […]

8 Royal Couples Whose Love Stories Are The Stuff Of Fairytales

Fairytales are simple. There’s usually some bad guys, but mostly, the Prince always meets his Princess and they live happily ever after. Fairytales however, are also unfortunately deceptive. Happy endings are hard to find in real life, just like dragons. But they won’t tell you that. So in the ongoing search that may sometimes seem […]

This Artist Creates Some Incredibly Cool Art With Just A Pen And Some Bananas

People tend to have a very limited number of things that come to mind when they think of the word “art”. A canvas is usually involved, along with an individual who’s dedicated his life to aesthetics and capturing multiple feelings in a static image. what doesn’t come to mind is one dude and a banana. […]

7 Famous People Who Were Buried With The Bizarre Things They Loved In Life

“It’s not what you take when you leave this world behind you, it’s what you leave behind you, when you go.” – Randy Travis, Three Wooden Crosses When death comes knocking at your door, you leave empty handed. It’s a thought that’s been echoed on numerous occasions, and in numerous ways. But does this little […]

8 Intriguing Stories That Might Be Behind Legendary Works Of Art

Art is subjective and in that subjectivity, different works of art find their own value. But behind everything, there is a little spark of co-incidence or inspiration and the same applies to these iconic works of art. #1 Whistler’s Mother, James McNeill Whistler Source One of the world’s best-known paintings, Whistler’s Mother might have just been […]

6 International Celebrity Chefs Who Are Crazy About Indian Food

Thanks to chefs like Vikas Khanna, Gaggan Anand and Manish Mehrotra, the world is finally waking up to Indian food. Dishes that you and I grew up with have at last found their place on the global menu, and are finally receiving praise that’s long overdue. Unsurprisingly, the biggest takers are the world’s best known […]

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