This Artist Stood Still For 6 Hrs To Let People Do Whatever They Wanted To Her Body

If you happen to meditate on the internet for half of your day, you must have heard of the performance artist Marina Abramovic through her famous video of silent reunion with her lover Frank Uwe Laysiepen. The artist is known as the ‘grandmother of art’ by many and has given multiple thought provoking art performances […]

Speed Thrill Took The Life Of A 24-Year-Old Delhi Biker; Accident Caught On Camera!

Road accidents are a common tragedy in our country and despite various rules and regulations being enforced, the death count does not seem to decrease. The youth of the country takes these rules lightly and eventually meet such unfortunate ends. 24-year-old, Himanshu Bansal died on Monday evening as he met with an accident while racing […]

Bet You Didn’t Know These 15 Amazing Facts About The Human Body!

We all think we know our bodies in and out but in reality, the human body is full of surprises and there are so many things that we have absolutely no idea about. The human body is a complex mechanism and raises questions that sometimes even surprise doctors and scientists!  Source Here are 15 facts […]

Author Rashmi Bansal Demonstrates How Not To Hire An “Apprentice” With This Cringeworthy Post

Interns, fresh out of college. With heads filled with dreams, and fueled by a hunger to prove themselves, they’re ready to serve as you please. With little damage to your wallet, of course. Because apparently, these young “apprentices” don’t have bills to pay and survive solely on passion and exposure. These little slaves of the […]

On Independence Day, The Gateway Of India Transformed Into An Open Air Theatre

On Independence Day, there was a mesmerizing laser show at The Gateway Of India. The Gateway Of India had a 45 minute long laser show to mark the 71st year of Independence. The history of Mumbai was told through images projected on the Gateway with commentary by some legendary actors. The chief minister of Maharashtra, […]

“I Do Not Look Anywhere Close To My Father”, Says Akshaye Khanna

Akshaye Khanna, who was last seen in Mom with Nawazuddin and Sridevi recently spoke about his father and stated that he is nothing like him.  Source In a recent interview with IANS news agency, Akshaye was asked if he would like to play the role of his father in his biopic to which the Taal […]

This Video Shows What The World Thinks of India And It Will Warm Your Heart!

India is a diverse nation. With such a rich heritage of culture and tradition across states, it can be a bit overwhelming for those who aren’t accustomed to it. This is where the perception comes into play. The people around the world have strange ideas about India. Some find it too populated, while others find […]

A Woman In Rajasthan Was Forced To Eat Her Own Faeces And Beaten To Death After Being Called A Witch

Before we rush to celebrate our Independence day tomorrow, we definitely need to consider where our country is today. After the horrors that took place at Gorakhpur, there is an another atrocity that has surfaced. The incident concerns a Rajasthani woman whose life ended in horror, after being beaten to death by her relatives who […]

A Kerala School Has Different Uniforms For The Weaker Students

The school makes intelligent students wear white uniforms and the rest wear red. A private English school by the name ‘Al Farooque English’ in Kerala makes the kids wear uniforms on the basis of their performance. This is disheartening and bizarre at the same time. This means anyone who walks into the school will know whether the […]

On Pakistan’s Birthday, Indian Band Gifts A Capella Version Of Pakistani National Anthem

As Pakistan turns 70 today, ‘Voxchord’ sang the Pakistani National Anthem As India and Pakistan are celebrating 70 years of Independence this week. An Indian group of musicians has made a heart warming gesture by singing ‘Pak Sarzamin’ They describe the song as “a song about faith, pride, and grandeur, of power, progress and perfection.” […]

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