10 Reasons Why Small-Towners Can’t Feel At Home In Metro Cities!

Who doesn’t want to make big in life? As soon as we gain a sense of our surroundings, we start planning a future which includes studying at the best of institutions and getting a decent job. For people who have been staying in small towns, one major event that takes place in their lives is […]

This Girl Was Denied A Room By A Hotel In Hyderabad For Traveling Solo!

Nupur Saraswat who is a spoken word artist found herself stuck in the middle of nowhere in Hyderabad when the hotel she’d booked for herself denied giving her accommodation for being a single woman guest. Yep, you heard that right. She was not allowed to stay for she is a woman who’s traveling alone and […]

Sikh Man Explains What Racism Feels Like Post The Viral Snapchat Story

Maybe the world was a better place before 9/11 divided it into terrorists, potential terrorists, and the safe-zoned public. It was after the wrath of terrorism that struck the twin towers in the USA, that minorities were given a new face, a face that could be frisked, checked, detained and even questioned on mere suspicion. […]

12 Silliest Things That We Indians Feel Unnecessarily Guilty About, Explained With SRK Gifs!

No human on earth has ever not felt guilty. The guilt is a sign of good conscience or having humanity. We have all been there where we feel guilty for ignoring someone’s call. Or maybe not calling your parents enough. There have also been times where spending money on useless things has given you sleepless […]

8 Things We All Wish Women Would Stop Doing To Each Other Right Now!

When it comes to understanding the bittersweet chord between men and women, we have a basic rule, “Men are from Mars and women are from Venus”. But a gender that is known to have been fighting for equality for decades, when it comes to their chemistry with each other, perhaps even Charles Darwin would put […]

New OnePlus 5 Launched Today And Twitter Already Has More Than A Few Complaints

The next big device under the OnePlus umbrella had a grand launch today. OnePlus 5 is the brand’s attempt at launching a premier smartphone and will be exclusively available for purchase at Amazon. It is being sold at prices starting at Rs 32,999 and the 128 GB version costs Rs 37,999. While this is good news for most users, the Twitter […]

There’s A Water Park For People With Disabilities And The Gesture Is Heartwarming!

We all love a little water splash during summers, don’t we? From kids to grown up adults, everyone loves those visits to water parks with family but people with disabilities can only dream about it, thanks to the facilities absent in most public places. However, the world just witnessed its first water park for disabled […]

10 People So Stupid, They Will Be Doing The World A Lot Of Good If They Don’t Procreate. Like Ever!

Some people are born stupid and others just make fun of it. Today, I shall try to thrust stupidity upon you, since that seems to be going around the internet quite freely. There are two types of people: idiots and then there are stupid people who SHOULD not procreate and add more misery to humanity. […]

Chhattisgarh’s Capital, Raipur Is Demolishing Buildings In Order To Plant More Trees!

We live in a world where infrastructure holds great relevance. Everyday trees are being cut in all parts of the country as we are constantly developing the infrastructure. However, this one city in Chhattisgarh is doing the reverse. Raipur is actually demolishing buildings so that they can plant more trees. Source The government along with […]

A Video Of This Beggar With A Hot Girlfriend Is Shocking Everyone On The Streets

The practice of begging on Indian streets has become a nuisance. Although most of us know that it is just like another business making money, we still give in. Because guilt is stronger. Or maybe we like getting duped by beggars. This beggar, however, is duping people into something entirely different. He walks around the […]

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