In Other News, Woman Claims She’s Had Sex With 20 Ghosts

The world has moved to artificial intelligence and we have robots who are built for sex but then some are old school.  A woman in Bristol has come forward and have openly declared that she really likes spirited lovemaking. The 27-year-old, Amethyst Realm, who is a “spiritual guidance counsellor” says she’s had sex with at least […]

20 Rare And Unseen Pictures Of India That Would Take You Back In Time

Who doesn’t love googling? Google has everything and anything one can possibly imagine on this planet, or even in the universe! We went and dug up some rare unseen pictures of India that left us feeling nostalgic. They span over a time period of 100 years and would leave you thinking how we have come […]

Research Says Office Teabags Have 17 Times More Bacteria Than A Toilet Seat

We are truly sorry but you might have to rethink about your morning brew after reading this. Research claims that office teabags contain 17 times more germs than a toilet seat. A study carried out by Initial Washroom Hygiene went through bacterial reading in the pantry appliances and utensils and the results are not very […]

5 Bollywood Movies In Which The Actresses Were Paid More Than The Leading Actors

Bollywood has always been known for its income disparity when it comes to genders. It is not a hidden fact that actresses in Bollywood are paid peanuts as compared to the leading actors. A lot of actresses have vocalized the prevalent discrimination in the industry regarding the pay cheques they receive despite their hard work […]

7 Of The Most Popular Types Of Beer You Should Definitely Get Drunk On

Beer is love. Beer is life. It’s the sweet golden liquid that soothes your hurts. It keeps you company when you’re lonely. It makes you smile when you’re upset. But beer isn’t simple. It’s delicious, smooth and complex. It has facets and varieties and brewing traditions that are definitely worth a try. #1 Ales Source […]

8 Things You’ll Relate To If You Are A ‘Sarkari Baccha’

Life is different when your dad is with the Government services. You grow up in a certain manner and you’ll realize how all of us (yeah, I am a sarkari kid) have the same traits.  Source Our childhoods are pretty much the same and no matter what city your dad/mom is transferred to, life comes […]

I Can’t Be The Only One Who Does Not Miss My School

People always keep telling me, no matter how much you hate your school, you’ll always miss it. Guess what? I DON’T. Source No. Not one bit and in fact, I am glad it’s over and I don’t have to go there every morning. I can finally be the person that I want to be without […]

The 7 Species Of Smokers That Can Be Observed On The Indian Subcontinent

A smoker here, a smoker there, there are smokers almost everywhere. But we prefer not be generalized. Just like all the other animal species no smoker is quite like another. We have specific ways we go about our business and it’s about time we were recognized for it. All smokers are special snowflakes. Special ash-ridden, […]

12 Prominent Indian Freedom Fighters That History Books Forgot To Tell Us About

India’s freedom wasn’t readily given, but painstakingly earned. Source Countless freedom fighters gave up their lives and their comforts to fight for an entire country’s right to govern itself. And while India has honoured many of them, there are some that a majority does not recognize. Because while some are splashed across our history books […]

10 Female Scientists Who Are Some Of The Most Brilliant Minds India Has Produced

We’re not going to pretend we understand anything about science and technology. We write for a blog. That being said India has produced some truly brilliant scientific minds. But because scientific progress isn’t nearly as sexy as celebrity Twitter wars, they often go unnoticed in mainstream media. India has produced some truly brilliant female scientists […]

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