10 Countries With The Highest NRI Populations Across The World

NRIs, otherwise known as Yash Raj’s primary TG are fairly self-explanatory. They’re non-residential Indians who do not reside in India. Now that that definition has been deeply ingrained in our minds, we can move on. India has the highest number of residents who live outside the country in 2018, which really begs the question, where […]

7 Indian Citizens Who Fled The Country To Escape Allegations Made Against Them

Criminal allegations have been made against plenty of people. And more often than not, they appear in court to defend themselves or accept the repercussions of their actions. But not all people. Some decided to grab their passport and a bag and head off to exotic destinations (mostly the UK). Whether the crimes laid at […]

Instead Of Medicines, Indian Woman Gets Groped, Abused And Molested At Local Chemist

For Ruth Pal Chaudhuri a visit to the chemist became a nightmare. She went for medicines, instead got molested and assaulted.

If You’re Still Stuck At Work, You’ll Be Jealous Of The Labour Laws In These 8 Countries

It’s late. If you’ve left work, good for you. If you’re still slogging away at your desk, we’re deeply sorry. But you can console yourself with these 8 countries that boast of unique labour laws. Laws that are geared towards helping their workforce develop holistically and keep their overall shit together. #1 Travel Time = […]

These Then And Now Pictures Of Delhi Will Leave You Hoping You Could Go To The Past

There’s a story behind every city but there’s something special about Delhi.

10 Facts About Chicken Manchurian, India’s Best Attempt At Chinese Food

India has surpassed China in one specific thing, preparing Chinese food. Source And the crown jewel of India’s patriotic take on food from our volatile neighbours is definitely Chicken Manchurian. Chicken Manchurian is there for you when you’re drunk, sober, broke or rich. It’s an adventure in your mouth, it tastes different at literally every […]

Scientists Have Created A Dating Profile For A Single Frog Who Might Be The Last of His Species

It’s Valentine’s Day. The one special day for you and your right hand to spend a special day together. Or your left hand. We don’t judge. But you’re not the only one looking for love this V-Day. Meet Romeo. ┬áSource No. Not that one. This one. Source Romeo the frog is single, available and on […]

Survey Reveals Interesting Details About The Wealth And Criminal Records Of Our CMs

One assumes Government servants make a decent amount of cash. Turns out they do. They really, really do. A report by the Association for Democratic Reforms focused on around 31 ministers from Indian states and Union Territories. The results are in and they are not quite what we would have expected. Source For instance, according […]

The Chilling Last Words Of 10 Of The World’s Lesser Known Murderers And Criminals

Ours is a world that has a weird obsession with serial killers, thieves – criminals in general. The thing about them being thought that they tend to get caught. Surprisingly often in fact. And depending on the place and time of their sentencing, many of them have been sent to their deaths. But before they […]

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