10 Engineers That Went On To Become Successful Actors

Engineering is one of the most pursued degrees in India. No matter how talented a singer you are or how much you love dancing or anything else, you aren’t an eligible bachelor unless you are an engineer or a doctor. Not only that makes it mandatory for the youth to become engineers, the degree is […]

22 Times Movie Titles Were The Perfect Answer To Life’s Most Important Questions

In Bollywood apart from the leading man/woman and the hit musical number, there is one more thing that might guarantee the success of a film. The title. The iconic “Kuch Kuch Hota Hain”, the ever-relevant “Deewar” and the relatively stupid “Jism”. There’s no denying just how important movie names is to its success. But some […]

9 Evergreen Bollywood Songs That Were Ruined By Rappers, Remixes And Autotune

Bollywood is something that is extremely close to most Indians. And what do producers do time and again? They peddle us songs by trying to cash in on the nostalgia and in this process, they ruined our memories. Here are a few songs that filmmakers decided to remix and ruin for all of us. 1. […]

10 Movies That Spoke About Uncomfortable Social Issues Way Ahead Of Their Time

These movies did something gutsy, they spoke about social causes realistically without fear of it being a ‘commercial success’.

45-Year-Old Mandira Bedi Doing Push-Ups In A Saree Is A Nightmare For Patriarchy

Mandira Bedi is known for breaking norms and what she recently did just proves how she doesn’t believe in stereotypes at all. From breaking the norm of sarees and short hair, Mandira has always shown the world how there is no norm that women need to follow and her doing push-ups in a saree proves […]

We Tried To Pick Out The Most Iconic Bollywood Costumes From The Last 5 Decades

Bollywood would be nothing without its costumes. From the dramatic and bold to the grounded and every day – there’s nothing quite like it that captures the essence of India’s style progression. Because while not too many keep up with designers and fashion trends, everyone religiously goes to the movies. So we tried to look […]

In The Wake Of #MeToo, Jeetendra Has Been Accused Of Sexual Assault By His Cousin

Jeetendra is an icon whose legacy has lasted long past his active career. But recently, a new accusation has come to the surface that has shocked the industry. Source The accusation of sexual abuse has been levied against the actor by a cousin of his who requested her name not be mentioned in the initial […]

10 Times Bollywood Villains Took The Limelight Away From The Lead Characters

Here are some of the best villains from Bollywood films that outshone the leading characters.

7 Famous Horror Films Which Were Cursed With Death And Destruction

With the annual budget just in and Aadhar information being leaked left, right and centre, there is absolutely no shortage of truly terrifying things in India at the moment. But let’s veer away from the unintentionally scary to people who have made it their life’s mission to scare us – by crafting creative and engaging […]

Senior Actor And Padma Shri Manoj Joshi Addresses Never Having Won Bollywood Awards

A typical Bollywood award ceremony celebrates the star while willingly ignoring actors because you can’t really make money out of ‘performances’ or film ratings. In an absurd turn of events this year, Actor Manoj Joshi, who has worked in some 120 films, was finally acknowledged for his contribution to Indian cinema and was awarded a […]

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