The New ‘Lipstick Under My Burkha’ Trailer Is Pahlaj Nihalani’s Worst Nightmare Come True!

 Some storms and havocs are necessary to clean the dirt! And that is exactly what ‘Lipstick Under My Burkha’ was seen as by the censor board, a hailstorm! When the first trailer of the movie was out, the society definitely couldn’t sit straight. How could a movie give so much freedom to women, to have a […]

Beauty With Brains – The New Miss India Manushi Chillar Is Also A 12th Topper!

On Sunday night, in Mumbai, a girl named Manushi Chillar’s life got changed forever. She became Femina Miss India 2017, amidst a sea of admirers. But who exactly is Manushi Chillar, and what’s her story? Source Manushi hails from Sonepat, Haryana. She was born to doctor parents. She studied in St. Thomas School in Delhi and […]

The English-Tamil Mashup Of ‘Shape Of You’ By This Young Girl Deserves A Watch!

Before Despacito made it to a frequent resident on your newsfeed, remember the time, Ed Sheeran’s ‘Shape Of You’ was in the game. Guess, this song is actually never going to fall off the charts, especially with the covers and mashups that keep swarming around. We have already bombarded you with loads of covers of […]

Revealed: The Secrets Behind Shooting Your Favorite On-Screen Sex Scenes

On-screen sex scenes. They boost sales, make the romance a little more real and are incredibly fun to watch. For us viewers, of course. God knows they’re not fun for the actors who have to put up with some pretty weird stuff while struggling to get it on in front of strangers. Imagine having to […]

When Will Bollywood Stop Glamorizing The Underworld?

Mumbai underworld was a widely spoken about topic around the world in the 90s. But by and large, the gang rule of that decade is over, with most gangsters either dead or having fled the country. There is one place, however, where these underworld dons are being revered. And that is Bollywood. The list of […]

Can You Guess Who Are These Lesser Known Star Kids?

We can recognize Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt from a mile away. But do we know how their siblings look like? We bet you don’t. We have accumulated the pictures of 10 lesser known star kids- ones who haven’t made their film debuts (yet). Let’s see how many of them can you guess correctly. The […]

Trailer 2 of Sridevi’s ‘Mom’ Is Here And You Should Be Marking 7th July Right Now!

The ‘Mr. India’ girl might have stopped holding our heartbeats in her hands, yet, whenever she makes a comeback, she surely has a story to tell. When Sridevi came back to the screen with ‘English Vinglish’ the country watched and agreed. This time too she is no mood to keep us calm. Sridevi is coming […]

This Scene Is The Reason Why Shahrukh Fans Will Be Watching Tubelight

Salman’s ‘Tubelight’ is bound to be a major attraction because, after years, the megastars of Bollywood are seen sharing the big screen. Shahrukh cameo in the movie has been much spoken about and we can’t wait to see Badshah on the screen with Bhai. Source Fans of the both the superstars are rejoicing the release […]

Salman’s First Ad At 15 With Tiger Shroff’s Mother Is A Perfect #ThrowbackThursday!

From the long-haired casanova in Saajan to the Bollywood actor who got a patent over the name ‘Prem’, Salman Khan has surely come a long way to becoming the King of the Bollywood box office. The actor not only created hordes of fans dying to see him taking off his shirt but also is now known […]

These 6 ‘Singers’ Should Do Us A Favor And Quit Music, Forever!

One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain.” ― Bob Marley Bob Marley said it right, music is supposed to relieve pain. Not enhance or add to it. But some artists prefer adding to the misery via their delusionary beliefs. Some people make ‘music’ that is supposed to win hearts […]

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