Ram Gopal Varma Is Back With Another Disgusting Blend Of Underworld And Nudity

Alright, I knew I wasn’t in for something good when I read RGV’s tweet saying he is back with a web series called ‘Guns and Thighs’. The title speaks a lot about the story and you know you’re going to witness some obscene scenes with extremely vulgar language (believe me, there is a lot of […]

Should India Play Against Pakistan? Virat Gives A Blunt Reply To The Reporter

The Captain of the Indian Cricket Team is in no mood to mix the India-Pakistan politics with sports. Recently, Virat was asked by a reporter whether keeping the current scenario with Pakistan, should India play against the neighboring country’s team in the Champions Trophy? Virat was definitely in no mood to let all of this affect […]

Tubelight Trailer Is Out Now, And It’s All About Keeping The Faith

Salman Khan has made a conscious attempt to move away from his usual shtick of songs and fights, with Tubelight. Because unlike most Bhai movies, Tubelight is not a movie about those punches, kicks and pelvic thrusts. Tubelight is actually a heartwarming story of a mentally challenged man, who gives hope to an entire town. […]

Watch Arvind Sa Hilariously Explain The Concept Of Low Waist Pants and Underwear!

We’ve all pondered over the idea of low waist pants showing those underwear brands and well, Arvind Sa gives us the logical reason behind it. Underwear is such an important part of everyday dressing and oh boy, men and women have completely different approach to it. Arvind breaks down these concepts in the most amusing way […]

You’ll Never Believe What Priyanka Chopra Carries In Her Handbag!

Vogue’s recent interview with Desi Girl Priyanka Chopra had the talented actress reveal quite a bit about herself…and also the contents of her handbag. The craziest thing she has in there? A bottle of Tabasco hot sauce. Why? Well, you never know when you’ll need it, apparently. Answering the 73 questions she was asked during […]

This Bhangra Workout On Shape Of You Is Going To Be Our New Fitness Mantra!

‘Shape of you’ has literally been the Song of The Year and we’ve been listening to it practically everywhere we go. From clubs to Jagraatas, this song has been played at all occasions and now there is also a Bhangra version to it! This new video combines freestyle bhangra workout with Shape of you in […]

Mark’s Visit To His Dorm In Harvard Will Remind You Of Your College Days

We all have certain moments in life that are extremely special and close to us. Our college days definitely fall under this category. They are days that we tend to cherish forever and Mark Zuckerberg is no exception to this. He visited his dorm back in Harvard after a span of 14 years and his […]

‘The Rock’ Is Finally Running For President in 2020!

We are not the citizens of The United States Of America but Hey, Dwayne Johnson is running for their President in 2020 and we definitely couldn’t be more happy about it! During the finale of ‘Saturday Night Live’ The Rock made an official statement of him running for the presidency making dreams of fans across […]

Watch Shahrukh Khan Practice His TED Talk Showing He’s No Different Than All Of Us!

We all tend to get a little nervous before we face our fears and major events in life and Shahrukh Khan is no exception. The Baadshah practiced his TED Talk sleeping, standing, eating before he addressed the audience to a wonderful final outcome. (Watch SRK talking about love and much more at his first TED […]

This Hilarious Spoof Song Makes Fun Of All The Actors Who Try Their Hand At Singing

A spoof should make some valid points. Like the fact that actors should just act. And singers should just sing. Whenever there’s a crossover, the results are less-than-flattering. Over the past couple of years, a lot of actors have tried their hand at singing. Salman Khan, Alia Bhatt, Shraddha Kapoor, Sonakshi Sinha, and Parineeti Chopra […]

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