What Made KRK Abuse Stand Up Comedian Karan Talwar In The Most Dirtiest Way Possible?

Frankly, it is not even surprising anymore. KRK has made a habit of using the most choicest expletives for celebrities. But this time, he has set a new low. Stand up comedian Karan Talwar made a joke on the self proclaimed critic on Twitter, which read something like this- Exclusive Image of @kamaalrkhan's brain […]

ISIS Made Their Sex Slave Eat Her Own 1 Year Old Son, And We Officially Declare Humanity Dead

We’ve heard stories of ISIS committing atrocities on various people in various parts of the world. But this has to be a new low. We’ve just heard a heart-breaking story which has put all of humanity to shame. MP Vian Dakhil of Iraq narrated the horrifying account of a Yazidi woman who was tricked by […]

People Can’t Stop Tweeting About ‘Despacito’ And It Will Make You Go “So True”

Did you know that the song ‘Despacito’ became the first song primarily in Spanish to top the Billboard Hot 100 since “Macarena” (Bayside Boys Mix) in 1996? Accept it or not, you can’t ignore this song. Even if you don’t know the lyrics, it has you grooving to its beats. As of June 26, it has […]

Twitter Lets Loose And Turns Narendra Modi’s Netherlands Visit Into A Giant Meme

Politics is beyond me. I have never been able to quite follow exactly what is going on. My IQ isn’t high enough to understand the nitty gritty of the system, but I do make an effort to understand the broader strokes. But there are some parts of foreign relations that are truly beyond even the […]

Ravi Shastri Decided To Apply For The Post Of Head Coach And Twitter Doesn’t Like It!

The drama surrounding the selection of the Indian cricket team’s coach just got captivating. Last year, Ravi Shastri lost to Kumble in coach’s race, and in the interesting turn of events, the former is set to return with captain Virat Kohli favouring his selection. Kohli had differences with Kumble and that resulted in the Kumble quitting […]

“Musical Superstar” Dhinchak Pooja Has Come Under Fire From Delhi Police For Not Wearing A Helmet

Dhinchak Pooja is the music phenomenon India neither asked for nor deserved. She isn’t a product of Bollywood nepotism or talent. She is exactly what happens when the internet looks at something so terrifying, so cringe-inducingly awful that they cannot look away. She is an example of why following your dreams is rewarding, but not […]

To Teach Virat Kohli A Lesson, An Engineer Applies For The Post Of Indian Team’s Coach

You all probably know that Anil Kumble resigned and had ‘kind of’ blamed the captain, Virat Kohli. Kumble had mentioned about Captain Kohli’s “reservations” with his coaching style. With rumours, and controversies lining up, Kohli had deleted the tweet in which he had originally welcomed the coach a year ago.  When he finally opened about the […]

Mia Khalifa Punches A Fan While He Takes A Selfie And Twitter Has No Sympathy!

You might have probably heard of Mia Khalifa and if not, it’s time that you continue watching Cartoon Network! She began acting in pornography in October 2014, and by December was ranked the number 1 performer on the website, Pornhub. But she left the adult industry within few months though she is quite active on […]

Beauty With Brains – The New Miss India Manushi Chillar Is Also A 12th Topper!

On Sunday night, in Mumbai, a girl named Manushi Chillar’s life got changed forever. She became Femina Miss India 2017, amidst a sea of admirers. But who exactly is Manushi Chillar, and what’s her story? Source Manushi hails from Sonepat, Haryana. She was born to doctor parents. She studied in St. Thomas School in Delhi and […]

This Muslim Man Wanted To Break His Roza With Hindus – What Happened Next Will Make Your Day

The holy month of Ramadan is known for spreading peace and love. Breaking the roza is a sacred activity which marks one’s devotion to God. Of late, there has been a lot of communal tension in India. People have been fighting over religion, caste, community, so much that they have forgotten what it takes to be […]

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