Bollywood Music Starter Pack: 10 Songs To Deal With Most Kinds Of Sadness

Most of us have grown up on Bollywood films. The soundtrack has been part of our lives longer than we can remember. The films have churned out brilliant tracks that can accompany all life moments. Most of all, sad moments in life.

If you are feeling low and don’t know which song to be dramatic to, well, here is a list of damn sad songs to match your kinda sad moments in life. If you love getting dramatic for no reason at all, you might love this!

#1. When Mondays Happen

People who enjoy Mondays are not from planet earth. If they are, they should not be trusted!

#2. When You Have No Plans For Weekends

You tried your best but somehow you end up having no plans for the weekend. NONE.

#3.When Your Best Friend Has A New Best Friend

Loyalty is an expensive currency these days.

#4.When You Get Fired

It hasn’t been your day, your week, your month or even your year.

#5.When You Are Too Broke To Buy Alcohol

Nothing is as off-putting as having no money, especially when you want to spend it all on alcohol because you were feeling sad in the first place!

#6.When Your Crush Starts Dating Someone Else

You’ve already invested hours of daydreaming some kind of happy ending. Then they manage to magically get into a relationship. With someone else. *sigh*

#7.When You Miss Your Promotion

You’ve worked your a** off on that project. You’ve dedicated your sweat, blood, and extra hours to make the project a success. You were so focused, you stopped faffing around and mingling over water-cooler talks. Your boss? Well, he would rather promote the a**-kissing curmudgeon person over you, only because they were better at socializing!

#8.When Your Data Pack Gets Over

Well not everyone has Jio hence not everyone can be so carefree about their data pack!

#9.When Your Ex Moves On Before You

How dare they do that! Here you are just getting used to going places alone and your ex already has a new bae.

#10.When No One Likes Your New Display Picture On Facebook

It is especially sadder when your squad fails to acknowledge new activity as important as a new profile picture on social media.

Hope this overdramatic playlist gives you a bunch of laughs and makes you realize that there are worse things in life. Thank you, Bollywood!

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