The Bigger Your Boobs, The Bigger The Discount You Get At This Chinese Restaurant!

A restaurant in China’s Zhejiang province called Trendy Shrimp is advertising discounts based on the bra size you’re wearing. Honestly, the first thought I had when I came across this was, “Thank God, the Double D’s are finally contributing to my finances instead of depleting them”. The second thought I had was, “Wait, that’s kinda sexist.”

My third thought was, “Heck, I don’t even live in China.”

Anyway, back to Trendy Shrimp, the restaurant that came under a lot of fire for their totally inappropriate marketing strategy after angry locals complained to the council.

The advertisement in question portrayed female anime characters with increasingly large breast sizes and a slogan that said, “The whole city is looking for BREASTS.”


So if someone who wore an A cup were to eat at Trendy Shrimp they would get a 5% discount. But if someone wearing a G cup ate there, they would get a whopping 65% off. According to a local newspaper, a woman didn’t have to do anything to prove her cup size. It was all visual. It’s very likely that the shop workers ogled at a woman’s breast to know. That’s so wrong.

“This content is vulgar advertising,” said Ms. Zhu, a Hangzhou resident. “In addition, I think it is discriminatory against women.”

The general manager of Trendy Shrimp, Lan Shenggang defended the advertisements, saying, “Once the promotion started, customer numbers rose by about 20%. Some of the girls we met were very proud — they had nothing to hide.”

Whether or not some women were happy about the discount, it doesn’t change the fact that it is degrading to women with naturally small breasts. Thankfully, enough people complained about the advertisement and as of now, the restaurant has cancelled the discount policy.


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