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The Government Should Pass A Law That Makes Watching Border Compulsory On Independence Day

As we grow up, there are a few elements from popular culture that turn into a tremendous piece of our lives. Notwithstanding when we grow up and appear to build up a specific taste, sentimentality dependably assumes a critical part when we attempt and return to our most loved motion pictures. JP Dutta’s blockbuster motion […]

Here’s How Indian Cricketers Celebrated Independence Day On Their Tour Of Sri-Lanka

Patriotism and Cricket are the two strings that hold the cultural fibre of India together. The Indian Cricket team is the perfect mix of both. Recently, our cricketers have been doing really well on the field. In a team effort, India has managed to rustle the feathers of a Sri Lankan side that didn’t look […]

Having Conquered The Fields Of Yoga & FMCG, Baba Ramdev Is All Set To Make His Bollywood Debut

At first, Baba Ramdev decided to dedicate his life to Yoga. Almost every unsuspecting Indian was forced to try ‘Aalom-vilom’ at least once in their lifetime. Then he decided to join hands with Anna Hazare and fight corruption in the Indian government. Obviously, this was during the Congress rule. Then Modi wave struck the country, […]

Kangana Ranaut Finally Opens Up About Apurva Asrani’s Allegations Over Stealing His Writing Credit For ‘Simran’

Kangana Ranaut has a knack for making headlines with everything she does. She has been extremely vocal about the rampant nepotism in the Hindi film industry, has delivered some of the finest acting performances of the last five years, and has found a way to alienate most of the co-stars from Bollywood. That’s no mean […]

Kirron Kher Criticises Her Own Party Members Over Victim Shaming In The Chandigarh Stalking Case

Kirron Kher is the quintessential Indian mom. She has that certain Punjabi aura to her which makes one always want to take her blessings and eat dahi-shakkar before going for exams. Meri taraf se unko badi waali haan hai. She isn’t just a phenomenal actor, but a Member of the Parliament as well. While several […]

This Old Video Of Will Smith Singing ‘Ae Kya Bolti Tu’ On Indian Idol Is Going To Keep You Awake At Night

We all were fooled by the charm of Indian Idol season 1. Every 90s kid remembers the first major reality show that changed the Indian television history. Yes, we are talking about Indian Idol. This was during the 2000s when satellite television was just starting out in our country. We all remember how Amit Sana […]

Here Are 10 Best Roger Federer Pictures Which Prove That He Is The Greatest Of All Time

Roger Federer is a kind of athlete who is born once in a generation. He is arguably the greatest athlete of our times and that’s a position that doesn’t seem to get affected any time soon. The Swiss great turns 36 today, 8 August 2017, and some say his game has never been better. To […]

Money Can’t Buy Class: Residents Detain Bachelors In Posh Gurugram Colony & Accuse Them Of ‘Prostitution’

Every time a young bachelor goes house-hunting in an Indian city, paying rent isn’t the biggest challenge. The daunting task of convincing those¬†who’ve been ‘trying to protect the sanctity of our society’ becomes paramount. Nobody wants to rent out a place to bachelors and if it’s an unmarried couple, the task of finding a new […]

Here Are All The Things You Could Buy For The Price At Which Neymar Jr. Was Bought From Barcelona

There are some things that money can’t buy. For everything else, there’s an uber-rich football club that will pay an unholy amount of money for the same. Last night, Ligue 1 team Paris St. Germain managed to sign Neymar Jr. from Barcelona for a massive sum of 222 million. That got us thinking. If we […]

Indian Hackers Have Managed To Hack Pakistani Government’s Official Website

What do Bhairon Singh (Border), Govind Singh (Border), Kabir Khan (Chak De! India), Tara Singh (Gadar) and ne0-h4ck3r have in common? They’ve all added to Pakistan’s misery. After Pakistan’s Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif was ousted by their Supreme Court over allegations of forgery that were brought to the fore-front through the Panama Papers, their government […]

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