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This Malayalam Magazine Is Challenging The Taboo Around Breastfeeding In Public

A leading Malayalam magazine ‘Grihalakshami‘ has been leading a movement which promotes free and open breastfeeding among women, as part of the International Women’s Day celebrations. The magazine has pictures of two women breastfeeding infants (one of them is a model), and is filled anecdotes from mothers. The magazine’s cover features a woman model smiling into […]

Have You Ever Been Confused About The Difference Between ‘Ganja’ And ‘Bhang’? Here It Is

Now that Holi is upon us, it’ time for some thandai and maalpua. One of the most asked questions during this festive period is whether you’d like some bhang. Considering the lack of knowledge surrounding the cannabis plant, we thought we should clear some misconceptions. Bhang is an edible form of cannabis popular in the […]

Let’s Celebrate National Science Day By Looking At These Genius Scientific Quotes By Indian Politicians

National Science Day marks the discovery of the Raman effect by Indian physicist Sir Chandrashekhara Venkata Raman on 28 February, 1928. Sir CV Raman was awarded the Nobel prize for this discovery. National Science Day is being celebrated every year to widely spread a message about the importance of science used in the daily life of […]

1921 Has A Harry Potter And The Prisoner Of Azkaban Reference That No One Noticed

Disclaimer: This is one of those articles where after reading this, you’ll either want your precious time back or you’ll fall back in your chair, exhale and say ‘duniya kitni hi chu*iya hai yaar’. Ok. So I watched 1921 yesterday. Where this story leads is too muddled to be put in words and has something […]

India Runs On Jugaad And This Jugaad Takes A Lot Of Creativity, Mr. Steve Wozniak

Like everything that happens these days, something said by a celebrity has now snowballed into a festival where everyone is busy flinging mud at each other to come out at top. And with our jugaad, we’ll definitely end the argument here. Steve Wozniak, also called The Woz, is Apple’s cofounder and one of the pioneers […]

Indian Media Stoops To A New Low With Their Coverage Of Sridevi’s Death

Yesterday, we had questioned our compulsive need to know everything about the death of India’s first female superstar – Sridevi. Ever since the news of her death came out, internet has been riddled with ‘theories’ about the incident. With no investigation whatsoever, people were quick to conclude that a cardiac arrest might be at the […]

NASA Plans On Doing The Unthinkable And Probe Deeper Into Uranus For All That Gas

Hear us out, guys. This isn’t a joke. But yeah, I’ll give you some time to laugh and get it out of your system. Are you guys done? Nice. NASA is actually, pakka promise, planning to probe Uranus in the near future. The organisation has ignored the planet for a long time but that’s about […]

Rahul Dravid Champions Equal Pay For Staff Members By Taking a Pay Cut

Rahul Dravid is not just regarded as one of the greatest batsmen of his generation, but also as one of the finest human beings to have played the game. A discussion about the rise of the Indian Cricket Team is incomplete without mentioning how Dravid was the first cricketer to have given us a hope […]

Sridevi Once Turned Down Steven Spielberg’s Offer To Play A Role In Jurassic Park

In something as an exception to the norm, I decided to sleep early last night. This morning, I woke to a phone call that informed me that Sridevi is no more. The 54-year old star, passed away in Dubai after a cardiac arrest. She was attending her nephew’s wedding ceremony. Little did anyone know that […]

Every Member Of This Professional ‘Counter Strike’ Team Is Above 60 Years Of Age

If you’ve ever thought that video games are for the young, you need to meet the Silver Snipers – a CS:GO team from Sweden where the youngest member is 62 years old while the oldest is 81. Sponsored by Lenovo, the Silver Snipers were assembled with the explicit goal of broadening the audience of e-sports, […]

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