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Bet You Didn’t Know These 15 Amazing Facts About The Human Body!

We all think we know our bodies in and out but in reality, the human body is full of surprises and there are so many things that we have absolutely no idea about. The human body is a complex mechanism and raises questions that sometimes even surprise doctors and scientists!  Source Here are 15 facts […]

“I Do Not Look Anywhere Close To My Father”, Says Akshaye Khanna

Akshaye Khanna, who was last seen in Mom with Nawazuddin and Sridevi recently spoke about his father and stated that he is nothing like him.  Source In a recent interview with IANS news agency, Akshaye was asked if he would like to play the role of his father in his biopic to which the Taal […]

10 Qualities You Know Only Your Best Friend Has!

A best friend is no less than a blessing and if you have someone who knows you in and out and stands by you despite your stupidity, it’s time you go give them a hug and let them know how much they mean to you! Source We come across a lot of people who enter […]

Prabhas Denies Rumors Of Getting Married; Says He Is Not Even Thinking About It!

Baahubali star, Prabhas is definitely one of the most eligible bachelors of the country. There are certain actors who outperform a character to such an extent that the role stays with them forever. In Prabhas’s case, it is undoubtedly Baahubali! Source Prabhas has a huge fan following and we can not deny the fact that […]

Here’s The History Behind The Origin Of Friendship Day!

Young people all across the globe come together and joyfully celebrate the first Sunday of August as ‘Friendship Day’ and I’m sure most of us have no idea why? I would do it because the number of friendship bands decided how popular one was in school and also, the Archies store would always have fancy […]

Bet You Didn’t Know The Story Behind These 12 Famous Logos!

Logos are extremely important to establish a brand’s recognition in the market and most of the times the simplest of them are the most impactful ones. A lot of thinking and brainstorming goes in creating one symbol that will eventually represent the brand! Every symbol, colour and curve have a meaning behind it. The actual […]

10 Facts About The Universe That’ll Make You Go WTF!

Not a lot was known about the Universe during the ancient times. There was a time when people believed that the earth was flat and was held in place by three whales! Source With so much growth in the field of science, we know now the reality behind the universe and have theories about the […]

These 10 Basic Mantras Are The Key To A Happy Life!

Life is not as complicated as we tend to think of it. If we abide by some basic mantras of life, there is nothing that can stop us from achieving happiness and success. Source Living a life that is beautiful is actually not that difficult. There are some every day things that you need to […]

Bangla Sahib Gurudwara Is Providing Food To Farmers From Tamil Nadu Protesting In Delhi

The Sikh community has always taken the initiative to help people when in distress. Be it a natural calamity or a terror attack, the community has always taken special efforts to provide food and shelter to people all across the globe and this time the good folks at Bangla Sahib Gurudwara in Delhi are facilitating […]

The ‘Blue Whale Game’ Is A Psychological Manipulation And It Needs To Stop!

The ‘Blue Whale Game’ is getting the undeserved attention that only led to an increase in the number of people getting involved in it. With information about it being so easily available, teenagers who were vulnerable ventured towards this game seeking thrill and eventually losing their lives. It is nothing but a well-planned sadist mind trying […]

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