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7 Bollywood Songs You Need In Your Playlist To Make This Monsoon Dhinchak

Rain makes everything beautiful. Gone are the sweltering days when you had to deal with humidity. Now instead, you are blessed with a pleasant weather that can sometimes be unpredictable. It is a perfect time to refresh your Bollywood playlist. Although the monsoon in India is not always the most convenient of times, it does […]

12 Photobombs That Are So Well Timed, They Are Funny AF!

Photobomb requires a certain knack. For a successful photobomb, one has to be at the right time at the right place. It is a great prank for selfie and groupfie generation. If you are one of those awkward folks who never know how to place themselves in a picture, just join in the game and make […]

12 Silliest Things That We Indians Feel Unnecessarily Guilty About, Explained With SRK Gifs!

No human on earth has ever not felt guilty. The guilt is a sign of good conscience or having humanity. We have all been there where we feel guilty for ignoring someone’s call. Or maybe not calling your parents enough. There have also been times where spending money on useless things has given you sleepless […]

12 Most Quintessentially Desi Things We Indians Do!

Being Indian is more than the nationality or sharing a particular border. Being part of a culture means there are certain things that are ingrained. Even if you live for a while outside, these things stay with you. These are things we Indians do so subconsciously that we don’t we notice it when we do them. 1.Veg […]

People Miss Important Things All The Time #FearFest

It was one of those days where the clouds invaded the sky and blocked out the Sun.  The streets seemed empty except for the cars parked on the pavement. The buzz of the traffic had mysteriously disappeared and the sound of silence got heavier. She’d parked her wheelchair by the window as every day. Her […]

New OnePlus 5 Launched Today And Twitter Already Has More Than A Few Complaints

The next big device under the OnePlus umbrella had a grand launch today. OnePlus 5 is the brand’s attempt at launching a premier smartphone and will be exclusively available for purchase at Amazon. It is being sold at prices starting at Rs 32,999 and the 128 GB version costs Rs 37,999. While this is good news for most users, the Twitter […]

These 6 ‘Singers’ Should Do Us A Favor And Quit Music, Forever!

One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain.” ― Bob Marley Bob Marley said it right, music is supposed to relieve pain. Not enhance or add to it. But some artists prefer adding to the misery via their delusionary beliefs. Some people make ‘music’ that is supposed to win hearts […]

Guy Trolls SRK With This Picture Of Pakistan Captain Sarfraz, Twitter Gives Back!

There are two things you do not troll on Twitter, Indian cricket team, and our superstars. This Pakistan cricket fan managed to both in the same breath. A Twitter user named  Usmaan Jameel shared this picture of crowds congregating to welcome the Pakistan cricket team. And he took a dig at Shah Rukh Khan’s popularity as […]

10 Times Biswa Kalyan Rath Proved That He Is The King Of Chill By Giving No F***s

There are few people who can carry around the cool cat attitude at all times with ease. Biswa Kalyan Rath is one of them. The comedian continually impresses people with his sharp observational comedy and has become one of the A-listers on the Indian stand-up comedy scene. His caustic sense of humor is however not […]

Shortcuts To Winning Arguments On The Internet Without Losing Your Mind!

The Internet is similar to an Indian monument. You see a brilliant structure all clean and pristine but as you walk out and get around the monument you see dirty lanes with garbage all over the streets. The Internet is essentially more of that filthy street. We have freedom of expression and speech. At times this freedom […]

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