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6 Bollywood Actors Who’d Rather Read Books Than Do Anything Else!

Reading can change your life. Opening up pages of books and finding a bit of yourself in there is the best feeling in the world. Books also unleash ideas and sometimes can be an eye-opener. If you have always been a reader, you obviously know all this. If you aren’t, you still have time to pick up […]

These Fake Game Of Throne Spoilers On Twitter Are More Entertaining Than What Is Happening On The Show Right Now!

Thanks to the Internet, Game of Thrones has become a phenomenon that never ceases to die down. The series has grabbed more eye-balls than possibly any other series. Season 7 of GOT has become more controversial than ever and content has very less to do with it. Just yesterday the GOT official twitter accounts got […]

At What Moment Did You Realize Your Significant Other Wasn’t In Love With You Anymore?

Love can make or break you. It also chains you and sometimes frees you. The thing about love is that it is an emotion. And emotions change over time. You spend all the time and emotions on a person and then realize that the love that got you through the toughest time, isn’t enough. Or […]

Bollywood Celebs Are Already Bragging About This Friday’s Release – Bareilly Ki Barfi

The movie Bareilly Ki Barfi is releasing this Friday and Bollywood got to watch it first before the audience could get their hands on it.

4 Simple Ways To Make Your New Pair Of Jeans Last Longer

You are either a denim person or not. 90% people on earth are denim janta and 70% of these people don’t know how to take care of their denim. Yes, I completely made that fact up, but it is true. I am a trustworthy person I swear. Here is the thing about denim, they are […]

This Couple Got Caught Kissing In Public And Twitter Is Not Forgiving Them

Twitter shames this couple indulging in some good hearted PDA. Why Twitter why?! Public Display Of Affection (PDA) is a controversial thing, mostly because we chose to make it so. Some swear by it, some swear off it. This battle will be a perpetual thing in India. If you’ve ever wanted to have some quiet time […]

If Bollywood Stars Were On Sarahah, This Is What It Would Look Like!

What if these serial Bollywood offenders ended up on this app?

This Is How ‘Aye Mere Watan Ke Logon’ Became India’s Most Patriotic Song

It has been 55 years since ‘Aye Mere Watan Ke Logon’ the patriotic anthem came into existence. This is the story behind the song.

This Video Shows What The World Thinks of India And It Will Warm Your Heart!

India is a diverse nation. With such a rich heritage of culture and tradition across states, it can be a bit overwhelming for those who aren’t accustomed to it. This is where the perception comes into play. The people around the world have strange ideas about India. Some find it too populated, while others find […]

Chai Tales: How People Across The World Drink Their Tea Will Fascinate You!

Prepare to be amazed by how people across the world drink their tea. It is fascinating!

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