Shivani Ahuja

Finds poetry in the simplest things.

These Photos Of Women From Afghanistan In The 60’s Will Shock You

If you thought women in Afghanistan were the same in 1960’s like they are today, think again! The scenario in Afghanistan was a lot more liberal in the 1950’s and 1960’s. People led a much-westernized lifestyle and also maintained the respect conservation fractions. Kabul was known as the ‘Paris of Central Asia.’ A State Department […]

Govt Of India Plans To Reinstate The Law That Sends People To Jail For Status Updates

Section 66A of the IT Act was a nightmare and was scraped down by the Government in 2015. Section 66A of the Information Technology Act, 2000 was the unconstitutional tool used to curb free speech on social media. According to a report on the Internet Free Foundation, the Government Committee plans on bringing Section 66 […]

Supermarkets Play These 7 Psychological Tricks And We Fall For Them Every Time

¬†Admit it, you love supermarkets despite the fact that grocery shopping is boring. If you want to learn how easy it is to manipulate a human, you go and visit a supermarket. They are vultures preying on our psychology and also earning money out of it. Don’t believe us? We noticed these 7 psychological tricks […]

This Is How Much Your Favorite Indian Cricketers Make In A Year

India’s love for cricket knows no boundaries. The cricketers have only proved that they deserve more. India loves cricket as much as a sweet tooth loves cake. The amount of loyalty the cricket fans show is immense and adorable. We bleed blue when these men make us proud and our hearts skip a bit at […]

These 7 Super Cool And Life-Changing Inventions Were Created By Mistake

Did you know the microwave was invented by mistake? Luck is a very important factor in everything but timing my friend, is the one that can change the game. Something just like that happened when these inventors were inventing one thing but fate had something else planned up. Mistakes can define you, these mistakes were […]

Throwback To When Karan Johar Tried To Recreate Kuch Kuch Hota Hai With A Sci Fi Twist

So 19 years ago, ‘Kuch Kuch Hota Hai’ taught us that pyaar¬†dosti hai. Almost two decades ago, we understood that kuch kuch hota hai and we all have a Rahul who doesn’t understand. And we still can’t get over the fact that Anjali chose Rahul over Aman. All said and done, we can still manage […]

7 Bollywood Films That Were Going To Be Shelved But Thankfully Didn’t

Sanjay Dutt’s biopic was almost shelved but it is releasing in 2018. It rarely happens that a movie gets another chance in Bollywood. The industry is so dynamic and there are so many things you have to take in consideration when a movie is made. We take a look at a few movies that were […]

Africans Were A Part Of Our Glorious Indian History; The Part We Chose To Ignore

Africans were slaves in Europe and America. The lesser known part here is that they were slaves in India too. Indian history has always found it’s a way for a larger audience. Unfortunately, some parts of the elaborate and dramatic Indian history are not known by us. Whatever the reason might be, the History textbooks […]

As A Protest Against Potholes In Bengaluru, A Mermaid Was Made To Sit In A Giant Pothole

Potholes are like that clingy friend who doesn’t leave you. Potholes are basically everywhere.It looks like there is no solution to this or we’re not finding a solution to it. The number of deaths due to potholes all over the country is saddening. The thing is this can be controlled by humans but they choose […]

Dude Climbs The Roof Of A Lamborghini Avantador. Gets Knocked Out Cold By Its Owner

You do not mess with expensive shit. We repeat you do not mess with anything valuable. Humans have a bad tendency to mess with other people’s belongings. Don’t even get us started on the hearts. Some people think it’s their birthright to mess with everything that is important to another person. This kid actually messed […]

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