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This Is The Other Queen In ‘Padmavati’ No One Is Talking About

‘Padmavati’ is more than just about Rani Padmini portrayed by Deepika Padukone. Although, the fate of ‘Padmavati’ is still uncertain. There is a lot the audience will be missing out on if the movie doesn’t end up releasing. There is no doubt that it is a cinematic masterpiece and the actors look stunning. There is […]

Man Recreates His Wife’s Pregnancy Photos After Having McDonald’s For Lunch

Give a man fish and he’ll eat for a day. Give a man McDonald’s and he’ll replicate your pregnancy photos. Nick Roberts and his girlfriend Brianna decided to do a photoshoot with their photographer friend Stephen Cwiok. Brianna forgot about the shoot so the two men did what men do best, eat food.┬áThe photo shoot […]

[Watch] Virat Kohli Sang ‘Mere Mehboob’ For Anushka In Front Of Everyone At His Wedding

This is all that shall surface on your timelines today! Just look at those two! Virat and Anushka are so adorable that we can’t get over them! Not so soon! The little things that are surfacing one by one are just too cute to be missed out. The couple tied the knot in Tuscany, Italy. […]

Here’s How The Bollywood Clan Wished The Gorgeous Couple Virat And Anushka On Their New Innings

Today, we celebrate the stunning couple Virat and Anushka are. Like all of us on the internet, the Bollywood clan also did their bit in celebrating the couple! There have been wishes, blessings and love for their new innings in life. It is a happy sight when two of the nations favorite people promises to […]

In Case You Still Can’t Believe Virat-Anushka Are Married, Here’s The Evidence

We adore how they are glowing in every frame together! Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma tied the knot under the Tuscan sky, yesterday. The power couple has proved that love beats all odds and survives. Just look at how they are glowing! That is how happy they are! The internet might be filled with memes, […]

These Are 10 Best Universities Of The World According To World University Rankings 2018

For the first time in 14 years, the best university isn’t located in America. Universities provide us memories and degrees that lie in the cupboard as you eventually end up making your passion your profession. The most amusing part here is the fee, and how much they take away. But you know, it’s not all […]

A Journalist Victim Shamed 17 YO Zaira Wasim, So Swara Bhaskar And Folks On Twitter Put Some Sense Into Her

We are living in a country where a 17 YO gets molested on a flight and she is the one receiving hatred. Why? When a 17-year-old incredibly talented Zaira Wasim gets molested, what do the people of the country do? They victim shame her for going live on Instagram and she receives┬áhate? Really? This is […]

Perks Offered By These 8 Companies Will Make You Want To Quit Your Current Job

Humans live to work and work to live. Your office is basically your home, you are there for most of the day. Genuinely, if a company wants to retain its human resources, it has put in efforts. There are companies on the face of this planet that go miles to make sure that it’s employees […]

Can You Guess Who These Indian Politicians Are From How They Looked Back In The Day?

It might not seem like it now, but our politicians looked good back in the day! Politicians are so critical to our growth as a country. However, there has been a lot of reformation and good development done by some politicians. We hope they continue to do so. And as citizens, we hope we choose […]

This Is How Everything Looked On The Day The Babri Masjid Was Demolished

On 6th December 1992, the Babri Masjid was demolished. The Ram Mandir and Babri Masjid case has been something that no one has been able to put a lid on. The dispute that took place because a plot of land in Ayodhya was said to be Lord Ram’s birthplace. The Babri Masjid was also located […]

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