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You might find me chalking out posts, basking in the world of expression at work. In love with blogging and the world of SEO! I am happy finding my balance in expression and the way google works.

Do You Know The Actual Names Of Your Favourite Desi Rappers?

Rappers are basically a talented chunk of people who were far more better at poetry recitations than we would be at “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star”. They master the skills to memorize lyrics, put them in perfect rhyme and form meaningful (sometimes) sentences to go along with a song. Given the way our Music Industry is […]

Should A Husband Share Household Chores If His Wife Doesn’t Earn Even Half Of His Salary? Quora Answers!

Okay, why are we even asking this question? Because, someone asked the question on Quora, the one site that has an answer to everything in the world or has a database of people who are kind enough to show you a mirror! So recently, a guy posted this question: “My wife-to-be earns 4.5 LPA and […]

The New ‘Lipstick Under My Burkha’ Trailer Is Pahlaj Nihalani’s Worst Nightmare Come True!

 Some storms and havocs are necessary to clean the dirt! And that is exactly what ‘Lipstick Under My Burkha’ was seen as by the censor board, a hailstorm! When the first trailer of the movie was out, the society definitely couldn’t sit straight. How could a movie give so much freedom to women, to have a […]

From A to Z, This Is How We Selected The Letter “K” To Denote “Thousand”

I want every article of mine to reach to a Thousand likes. Short Term Goals! The song  ‘A Thousand Years’ from the (please don’t judge me) eternal-love-vampire-saga ‘Twilight’ is playing in the background! There are a Thousand bells ringing in my head as to why would we choose a simple letter “K” from the huge […]

The English-Tamil Mashup Of ‘Shape Of You’ By This Young Girl Deserves A Watch!

Before Despacito made it to a frequent resident on your newsfeed, remember the time, Ed Sheeran’s ‘Shape Of You’ was in the game. Guess, this song is actually never going to fall off the charts, especially with the covers and mashups that keep swarming around. We have already bombarded you with loads of covers of […]

Sikh Man Explains What Racism Feels Like Post The Viral Snapchat Story

Maybe the world was a better place before 9/11 divided it into terrorists, potential terrorists, and the safe-zoned public. It was after the wrath of terrorism that struck the twin towers in the USA, that minorities were given a new face, a face that could be frisked, checked, detained and even questioned on mere suspicion. […]

8 Things We All Wish Women Would Stop Doing To Each Other Right Now!

When it comes to understanding the bittersweet chord between men and women, we have a basic rule, “Men are from Mars and women are from Venus”. But a gender that is known to have been fighting for equality for decades, when it comes to their chemistry with each other, perhaps even Charles Darwin would put […]

Salman’s First Ad At 15 With Tiger Shroff’s Mother Is A Perfect #ThrowbackThursday!

From the long-haired casanova in Saajan to the Bollywood actor who got a patent over the name ‘Prem’, Salman Khan has surely come a long way to becoming the King of the Bollywood box office. The actor not only created hordes of fans dying to see him taking off his shirt but also is now known […]

Your Favourite Bollywood Celebrities And Their Most Favourite Obsessions

We all are obsessed with our favourite Bollywood stars. From stalking them on their social media accounts to never missing any of their movies, our love for our favourite movie stars is unconditional and pure as hell. But do you know your favourite Bollywood celebrities too have their own personal obsessions? Yes, our Bollywood biggies […]

10 Everyday Pleasures Of Life That Are Completely Underrated!

They say life is all about living in the moment. And yet we spend days, years and decades in finding happiness. Many of us actually end up still sad on our death beds. Maybe we had been looking for happiness at all the long places. All the time it was right beside us in the […]

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