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You might find me chalking out posts, basking in the world of expression at work. In love with blogging and the world of SEO! I am happy finding my balance in expression and the way google works.

20 Rare And Unseen Pictures Of India That Would Take You Back In Time

Who doesn’t love googling? Google has everything and anything one can possibly imagine on this planet, or even in the universe! We went and dug up some rare unseen pictures of India that left us feeling nostalgic. They span over a time period of 100 years and would leave you thinking how we have come […]

This Is What The Night Sky Will Look Like All Over The World Tonight

Just in time for a visually treating December, Geminid meteor shower might be the most magical phenomenon we would witness this year. The Geminid meteor shower is an annual phenomenon but this year is special for it would be the best shower ever. According to NASA’s Meteoroid Environment Office, Bill Cooke, “With August’s Perseids obscured by bright moonlight, […]

10 Bollywood Actors You Didn’t Know Had Directed Films

Though acting and directing share a symbiotic relationship, not every director can act and vice versa. It is a talent to perform different personalities on the screen and even bigger talent to get those personalities on the surface as a director. Interestingly, Bollywood has seen some incredible actors who were even better behind the camera! […]

Research Says Office Teabags Have 17 Times More Bacteria Than A Toilet Seat

We are truly sorry but you might have to rethink about your morning brew after reading this. Research claims that office teabags contain 17 times more germs than a toilet seat. A study carried out by Initial Washroom Hygiene went through bacterial reading in the pantry appliances and utensils and the results are not very […]

5 Bollywood Movies In Which The Actresses Were Paid More Than The Leading Actors

Bollywood has always been known for its income disparity when it comes to genders. It is not a hidden fact that actresses in Bollywood are paid peanuts as compared to the leading actors. A lot of actresses have vocalized the prevalent discrimination in the industry regarding the pay cheques they receive despite their hard work […]

10 Most Popular Comedy Actors In Hindi Films And Their Lesser Known Children

Bollywood is one platter full of emotions. But one emotion that connects with all and indeed is the toughest to bring out on screen is laughter. Not only is it difficult to laugh on screen, it is even tougher to crack a joke and make people laugh. But Bollywood has been bestowed with some phenomenal […]

Meet The 6-Year-Old Boy Who Makes $11 Million A Year For Acting His Age

When is the right time to start a business? Well, how about the day you are born! 6-year-old Ryan has made us question our entire existence by hosting his channel Ryan ToysReview, which is a popular toy review channel on YouTube. The family-run channel has earned $11 million in pretax income in 2017, as per the Forbes’ […]

15 Popular Film Songs That Were Beautifully Sung By Bollywood Actors

There is no denying the fact that Bollywood celebrities are a talented lot. However, some of the actors also happen to be phenomenal singers. Not only have they acted on the songs, some of them also sung them by themselves. Here are 15 most popular songs from films that had the same actors as playback […]

15 Upcoming Bollywood Films That Make 2018 Look So Much Better Than 2017

And the next thing we know is that 2017 is almost at it closing time. 2018 is coming soon and we are thrilled for the new year. 2017 saw a lot of good Bollywood movies with ‘Newton’ getting selected for Oscars as well. Movies like Half Girlfriend, Harry Met Sejal, and Tubelight disappointed us but […]

5 Facts About India’s Growing Population That’ll Convince You Not To Have Kids

As the year 2017 comes to an end, we are one more year older as a democratic nation and growing as ever. As a country, we have come a long way, from fighting for our independence to making a sovereign nation to dealing with social crisis and an ever-growing population. Yes, despite the fact that […]

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