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You might find me chalking out posts, basking in the world of expression at work. In love with blogging and the world of SEO! I am happy finding my balance in expression and the way google works.

18 Desi Tweets For Every Indian Who Is Working His Ass Off This Diwali Week

Well, Diwali is here and there is no way ‘work’ should be anywhere around the corner. But let’s just face reality, things don’t actually go well with all of us. Not all of us can afford a week-long vacation to go back home shouting ‘Happy Diwali’ and not all of us have the liberty to […]

Here are 10 Most Bizarre People Living On This Planet Right Now!

The world is a strange place and being normal is totally overrated. We meet all sorts of people who have strange obsessions and habits. However, some people surpass all things normal and do things that are bound to make you stop and go WTF! 1. The man who lived on the airport Have you watched ‘The […]

Why Is The “Hanging Till Death” Time Fixed Early In The Morning For Executions?

As per the criminal law in India, when a person is sentenced to death he will be hanged by the neck till he is dead. It is only in the most heinous cases that the Indian court punishes the culprit with an execution. The last time the Supreme Court of India executed someone in India […]

8 Movies That Talked About Marital Rape Way Before We Even Heard Of It

Marital rape and domestic violence, these are words that were not uttered openly on social media for a very long time. They were carefully wrapped in hushed voices, making sure no one heard or mentioned them, and if they were, they were conveniently ignored, just like the actions linked to them. However, the world of […]

10 Legal Offences In India That Have Serious Punishments Had Corruption Not Been Saving Our Ass

The Indian Penal Code, that is responsible for laws and punishments when those laws are broken in India is quite a complex thing. So complex that there is no other reason as to why half of the law of the country doesn’t follow it. But little do we know that it has actually covered a […]

This Is Why You Are Not Allowed To Carry Power Banks In Your Check-in Luggage

Even if you have carefully kept your power bank in your handbag or the cabin luggage, the last minute question about your power bank is always there. Not only does the crew keep on asking the same question again and again but now they also get your signed statement that your check-in luggage does not have […]

10 Times Bollywood Actors Showed That Twitter Is Not Everybody’s Cup Of Tea

The world today is majorly screened by social media. Good days or bad, in sickness or in health, our social media lives remain on priority. Every second of our lives, we are trying to stay connected with the world, through social media and micro-blogging sites like Twitter. And the obsession is not restricted to just […]

This Stand Up Comedian’s Tale Of Studying In A Govt School Will Take You Back To Childhood

Siddharth Dudeja is the freshly minted comedian in the world of stand up comedy. What’s different about him is his ‘no care in the world’ demeanor, unlike the ‘happily ever after’ faces of other comedians, that instantly makes us feel less guilty for not being super energetic throughout the day! Also, is the talent behind […]

8 Bollywood Movies That Prove A Big Budget Doesn’t Always Guarantee Success

Well, it is not that easy to make a movie, and that too a good one. From finding the right script to the right producer to the best cast and marketing team, a good movie is a product of collaborative efforts of many people working together. And with Bollywood, time and again, big budget movies […]

6 Lesser Known Stories From Indian History That Bollywood Should Pick Up Next

Bollywood and history have gone hand in hand since ages. Stories of the past revolving around the valor and romantic sagas of Indian history have always struck a  chord with the audience. Be it narrating the romance that picked up between Jodha Akbar or the magnum opus Mugah-e-Azam, cinema has been flattered by history. And […]

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