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You might find me chalking out posts, basking in the world of expression at work. In love with blogging and the world of SEO! I am happy finding my balance in expression and the way google works.

10 Engineers That Went On To Become Successful Actors

Engineering is one of the most pursued degrees in India. No matter how talented a singer you are or how much you love dancing or anything else, you aren’t an eligible bachelor unless you are an engineer or a doctor. Not only that makes it mandatory for the youth to become engineers, the degree is […]

12 Lesser Known Facts About Arnab Goswami That The Nation Might Want To Know

He is synonymous to debates and is known for his popular catchphrase, “The nation wants to know”. The nation might loathe his overexcited ways of tackling issues, but at the same time, we have a bittersweet relationship with this man who somewhere changed the whole perception of media. Politicians are often tangled in a loophole […]

Agents Reveal Just How Much The Industry’s Top Porn Stars Get Paid

We would usually think that a job that requires one to be naked and actually have sex with someone on camera gets you a lot of money in return. We did a little digging and according to these leading agents of adult actors, this is actually not the case. Derek Hay, the founder of LA Direct […]

11 Places Other Than The Bermuda Triangle Where Things Disappeared Without An Explanation

The Bermuda Triangle is one of those mysterious places on Earth where planes and ships have been disappearing without a trace. Though science has tried to come up with an explanation, little do we know, that the Bermuda Triangle is just one of 12 eerie locations on Earth with inexplicable disappearances associated with them. These places […]

The Deadly Lake Natron That Mummifies Dead Animals Looks Eerily Beautiful

We have always thought of nature as ever producing and nurturing. But what happens when nature too has a toxic dark side? The Lake Natron in Tanzania is one such natural wonder. The lake of Tanzania is known to have waters deadly enough to calcify animals and birds. source It is very natural to find […]

Diljit’s Video Call With The Cast Of ‘Welcome To New York’ Is A Treat To Watch

Guess what? This February is going to greet you with Bollywood’s first 3D comedy with ‘Welcome to New York’. Didn’t get us? Watch this hilarious conversation between the Diljit and the cast!

15 Mystical Quotes By Saadat Hassan Manto That Prove How He Was Way Ahead Of Time

Once in a while, someone with an uncanny talent to weave words into stardust that brings change. They create magic, putting the reader on a mystical journey that takes you places as you read through. We call them authors, poets, writers and what not. But only sometimes, does someone come along as Saadat Hassan Manto, a […]

Britain Appoints A ‘Minister For Loneliness’ Owing To 9 Million Lonely People In The Country

For Prime Minister Theresa May, the statistics of 9 million lonely old and young people is alarming enough to appoint a brand new minister in UK’s government. To make sure that the issue is dealt in the right way, Tracy Crouch has been appointed with a brand new position, Minister of Loneliness. According to research, […]

Ever Wondered What These Different Numbers On Indian Train Coaches Mean?

India is blessed with the world’s fourth-largest railway network. Almost every part of the country has been impeccably connected via the rails and the system carries around  23 million people every day from one place to another. While you too must have traveled by trains, did you ever notice the numbers painted on different bogeys? […]

India’s Top 7 Stylists That Make Sure Your Favorite Bollywood Stars Are Dressed To Kill

Bollywood is not just about acting in films, it is a 24*7 dedicated job to looking perfect, doing perfect and talking perfect! For Bollywood celebrities, their job is not finished with a wrap-up! The pressure of looking the best wherever they go follows them everywhere. Also, with social media making celebrities accessible to their fans all […]

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