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Fans Worry As Shreyas Talpade Tweets He’s Tired Of The Industry And Plans To Quit

What is Twitter for if not for celebrities to publicly declare their innermost thought to millions of unrelated people. And of all the Bollywood bigwigs who have taken to the social media platform, some definitely do stand out. Whether it was Karan Johar and Kangana Ranaut informing the nation that nepotism in fact exists or […]

It’s Rahul Dravid’s Birthday And Twitter Has Come Out Batting For India’s Legendary Player

Cricket brings India together to fight with each other. But every now and then, something or someone¬†so inspirational comes along that we are capable of shutting our traps and just appreciating their dedication to what is undoubtedly India’s most cherished sport. And one such legend is Rahul Dravid. Source Starting his career at the age […]

The First Time 10 Mobile Phone Features We Take For Granted Were Launched

We can do pretty much whatever we want with our phones. They’re marvels of modern technology, teeny-tiny devices with computing powers our ancestors couldn’t possibly have imagined. But all the bells and whistles we take for granted today really weren’t there all along. It took a lot of time effort and dedication to get them […]

8 Completely Pointless Things We’re Sure You Can’t Do With Your Body

Are you bored? Great. Do we have the challenge for you. Because there’s fascinatingly stupid things we’re sure you won’t be able to do, but we want to see you try anyway. Also, if you can. Congratulations! You now have a skill that will earn you precisely zero rupees. #1 Licking Your Elbow Source It […]

The Dark Is Divine Project Beautifully Depicts Hindu Gods And Godesses Like Never Before

India is a little more obsessed with fairness than we would like to¬†admit. Source Source Source But this obsession isn’t something that particularly new. Ever since the British occupied our country longer than an unwanted house guest, there’s been a bit of a bias towards flawless skin whiter than the dahi chawal mom forced down […]

10 Fun Things You Can Do Using Google Chrome In Case You’re Incredibly Bored

The internet is too fascinating for anyone to possibly get bored while using it, right? But for those of you who have incredibly high standards when it comes to your amusement, Google offers some great ways to kill the boredom. #1 Play Zerg Rush Source Based on the game StarCraft, typing Zerg Rush into Google […]

11 Facts About India’s Biggest Action Star, Fearless Nadia Whose 110th Birthday Google Is Celebrating Today

Stunt work is the lynch-pin for any decent action film. But Fearless Nadia was certainly the lynch-pin for female-led action films in India. Source During the British Raj, an Indian woman in skimpy clothes kicking-ass on screen might not have been too acceptable. Which is where the Australian Mary Ann Evans and her screen persona […]

Shashi Tharoor Is Super Impressed With What Might Be The Best Whatsapp Forward Of All Time

Shashi Tharoor. The man, the legend, the mobile thesaurus. Source India’s 21st-century gentleman scholar has taken over the internet for a reason he could probably never have foreseen. A respectable vocabulary. Shashi Tharoor is our modern renaissance man armed with a stellar education, floppy hair and the respect of an entire online community. But despite […]

Majestic Photos Of The Frozen Niagara Falls That Will Make You Rethink Your Idea Of Winter

The Niagara Falls are a pretty big deal. Because it’s one of the few tourist spots apart from the Statue Of Liberty that Indians can confidently name. Source But something amazing has happened to the already stunning Niagara Falls. Something that happens to many Indians when temperatures go anywhere below 24 degrees. They froze. Source […]

Raveena Tandon Shuts Down People Who Tried To School Her On The Environment

Twitter is a great place for fighting in public without ever having to see each other. But when a celebrity does it it’s news, so here we are. And the celebrity in question this time is one Raveena Tandon. The actress is fairly active on social media, as they all tend to be. Using the […]

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