Mehernaz Patel

"Her Jokes made me Udhas" -Pankaj

10 Times Hindi Song Lyrics Perfectly Described Our Favourite Bollywood Actors

We don’t know Bollywood actors right? At least not personally, even though we like to think we do. Source But amidst all the press coverage and the mayhem surrounding their personal lives, the real life of a Bollywood actor is far beyond our knowledge and thankfully so. After all, who really wants to know if […]

Celebrate Dhanteras With 11 Tweets That Are Worth Their Weight In Gold

So, Dhanteras is here, which means it’s time to tell your boss you’re going home to meet your family.And then go to the bar to meet 750 ml of Old Monk. Source But there is more to this festival than purely material pleasures, like gifts and gold on Dhanteras. It’s about love and togetherness and […]

PornHub Is Giving Its Users An STD, But Not In The Way You Think

Guys, let’s get this out of the way, I don’t use PornHub, you don’t use PornHub, none of us do… we just know a lot about it. Agreed? Good. Source But there might be a tiny reason for you to stop using the website for a moment. And it’s not the tiny reason you generally […]

15 Brands We Grew Up With That Look Like They’ve Grown Up With Us

We’ve all grown up, right? From idiots in diapers, we’ve managed to graduate to idiots with jobs… But amidst all that growth, most of us have managed to keep our identities relatively intact. We are who we are and that rarely changes with age. Just like the products we loved and grew up with. They’re […]

16 KBC Memes That Make Paying Your Internet Bills Totally Worth It

Have you watched Kaun Banega Crorepati? Yes. ¬† Source The show has taken over everything you care about. From making sure that you feel like an ignorant moron over dinner to interrupting all sexy activities between 9 pm to 10 pm. The show is unstoppable, inescapable and pretty fun to watch when you get over […]

This Video Shows How The Human Brain Is Delicate, Fascinating And Scary, All In One

Your brain is important. Or at least most other people’s brains are. Source But the brain has always retained more mysteries than one would think. Many of its functions are still unknown and the idea of human consciousness, awareness are yet beyond our grasp. But the one thing we definitely can understand about the human […]

10 Facts About Chicken Manchurian, India’s Best Attempt At Chinese Food

India has surpassed China in one specific thing, preparing Chinese food. Source And the crown jewel of India’s patriotic take on food from our volatile neighbours is definitely Chicken Manchurian. Chicken Manchurian is there for you when you’re drunk, sober, broke or rich. It’s an adventure in your mouth, it tastes different at literally every […]

13 Totally Unrelated Tweets That Will Make Your Friday Go A Little Faster

Friday is here. One more day before you can stop wearing pants in the morning, yay! ¬†Source Friday is the almost there day. The day where you’re inexplicably close to the weekend. You know you can make it, but you’re not sure how. Because even as the clock ticks away, and the possibilities that the […]

10 Indian Brands That Are WAY Better Than Their Western Counterparts

We need things to life our useless lives. These things are usually branded. Some brands are an integral part of our life…some not so much. Source These Indian brands have been with us from the very start. For two very important reasons. Firstly, they tend to be cheaper in the long run. Secondly, it takes […]

12 Movies That Were Banned In India But Really Appreciated Abroad

For a moment in time, the Indian Censor Board went all ban baja baraat, objecting to content in movies left, right and centre. But even though there may be objectionable or challenging content, audiences in the country are demanding that art and agenda be kept separate. For creators to be given some liberty over their […]

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