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"Her Jokes made me Udhas" -Pankaj

Let’s Compare The Highest And Lowest Grossing Bollywood Films From 2000 To 2016

Just think of how shitty Bollywood movies would look if they had no budget. “Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara” would be 3 dudes awkwardly driving around, because filming in Spain takes money. “Queen” would be a woman sadly going through FB Posts in her room, because filming in London takes money. “Deshdrohi” would be Deshdrohi. But […]

Because India Can’t Agree On Anything, Let’s At Least Try To Figure Out A National Dish

Many countries have national dishes that are their pride and joy. Scotland, for example, loves stuffing a sheep’s organs into its stomach. Japan loves going for some Salmon sperm. And Greenland is weird. So they don’t even eat their dead animals immediately, they eat them after letting them rot for a few months. But India […]

From Ghosts To Shitting On Houseplants, These Redditors Believed Some Really Stupid Things During Childhood

Childhood was a simpler time. You didn’t need the internet to have fun, you just needed to pick your nose. Source But childhood was also a confusing time. Because most of us couldn’t really take care of ourselves. We relied on our moms and dads to sort our shit out while we were sorting out […]

Why Do TV Shows And Movies Always Go To The Sexy Part When My Mom Walks In?

So as Indians, a lot of us live with our parents right? Which means kabhi na kabhi, kahin na kahin, our parents will catch us watching something “sexy”. Source (L), (R) Very often, these sexy things are inappropriate. We tend to watch pornography after a certain age. But most of us have the good sense […]

All Your Bollywood Favourites Are Coming Together To Promote Toilet Ek Prem Katha On Instagram

If you don’t have plans this weekend, go watch Toilet Ek Prem Katha. If you have plans, cancel them and go watch Toilet Ek Prem Katha. Source The new Akshay Kumar – Bhumi Pednekar starrer is making waves after its release, with reviews insisting that the movie is unmissable. This is great to hear since […]

A School In Uttar Pradesh Is More Than Meets The Eye, Turns Into A Dance Bar After School Hours

People all across the nation are familiar with the Uttar Pradesh’s government’s firm stands on couples, eve teasing and beef. Which is why it is hilariously ironic that a government run primary school in the state turns into a dance bar when the sun goes down. Source A primary school in Mirzabad underwent heavy media […]

#WhyImPoorIn4Words Is Trending On Twitter And Everyone Is Contributing With Their Best Reasons

“Gareebo Ki Suno, Woh Tumhari Sunega” is Twitter’s latest cause as #WhyImPoorIn4Words trends. Source Twitter trends are fickle. They change on a whim, going from one topic to another, without mercy. Sometimes, they have absolutely no purpose, but sometimes, they hit that sweet spot of problems only people on Twitter can possibly have. Like complaining […]

Bigg Boss “Star” Swami Om Was Reportedly Arrested For Stealing Cycles 9 Years Ago

Swami Om sky rocketed to fame after he showcased his talent on Bigg Boss, Season 10 by peeing on people. Because,┬átalent. Source But the man is not done with his wacky shenanigans, for which news houses and blog around the country can’t help but thank him. “What did he do this time?” you might ask. […]

Does Anybody Remember Justin Bieber’s Mumbai Concert? Atul Khatri Does And He’s Not Happy About It

A lot of people hate Justin Bieber, but nobody could possibly hate him more than Indian dads. Because when men have to pay 3000 and above to listen to a teenager sing, they expect free water at least. But when Atul Khatri was denied his free water he had something to say about it. Apparently, […]

10 Brilliant Wardrobe Pieces From Mujhse Dosti Karoge That Make Us Wonder What People Were Smoking On Set

“Kehdo Ke Tum Mere Dil Mein Rahoge, Kehdo Ke Tum Mujhse Dosti Karoge” Such a sweet sentiment. A proposal one friend has for another. A request to build a lasting and fruitful relationship. And you know the best part of friendship? Borrowing each other’s weed. Which is probably what each character was doing throughout Mujhse […]

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