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Is It A Bird? Is It A Plane? It’s The Heroic Doctor Who Run’s India’s Last Polio Ward

Bill Gates is undoubtedly a man whose opinion isn’t one to be ignored. Which is why when he listed out his “Five Heroes Saving The World“, we were excited to see an Indian on it – Dr Mathew Varghese. Source A doctor who is treating one of the most dangerous diseases in the world, polio. Now, many […]

10 Of The World’s Strangest Religions You Rarely Ever Hear About

Believing in God is fairly harmless, as long as it’s done with the knowledge that other people probably believe in a different one. But there are some faiths so far off left field that one can’t help take a second look. #1 The Church Of Euthanasia Source Euthanasia is the medical practice involving assisted voluntary […]

Hello India! It Turns Out You’re Not Nearly As Vegetarian As You Think

India is rife with pictures like this – Source It is also rife with pictures like this – Source And in the middle lies the general population, scattered on a spectrum that ranges from “We won’t eat vegetables that grow under the ground” to “We won’t eat vegetables”. But for the most part, India to […]

8 Of The Most Mysterious And Rare Diseases That Have Affected Humanity

The human body is a miracle of nature. But despite evolution and countless advances in medicine, there are diseases that leave us baffled. Strange and often inexplicable, there are brave people all around the world who have lived through painful and often misunderstood illnesses. #1 Water Allergy Source What Does It Do? – Typically developing […]

8 Of The Most Deadly Female Warriors And Rulers Throughout History

History is full of brave and powerful women who took it upon themselves to defend their nation. But even amongst these there are 8 warriors and leaders of state whose legacies have long outlived them. Go ahead, ask them if it’s “that time of the month”, we dare you. #1 Tomoe Gozen, Japan Source Even […]

A Sincere Letter Of Apology For My HR Department This Women’s Day

So, it’s happening again. The one day where no matter what you do, say or dare to post, you’re a sexist asshole who deserves to rot in the deepest trenches of Satan’s colon. But betwixt all the sales and offers and unnecessary messages and necessary gifts, there is one administrative body that gets completely screwed […]

Celebrate Women’s Day With Women Cricketers Being Paid Way Less Than The Men

Hey, it’s Women’s Day. Another arbitrary excuse to buy a wallet because it’s 15% off. Yay. But no day is without its flaws, which is why it would be prudent to bring up the BCCI’s new pay structure. The one that deals with inflating player’s accounts based on a tier system. The change made this […]

Belgium vs France- The Eternal Battle Of Who Invented The Delicious French Fry

We can all agree, French Fries are the Shah Rukh Khan of snack foods. Consistent, reliable and we’re not sure if Gauri Khan likes them or not. These salty sticks of deliciousness are a worldwide favourite. We eat them with ketchup, mustard, ice-cream and then there are the psychopaths who prefer them plain. But where […]

Artist Tranforms Locations From Around The World With Clever Paper Cut-Outs

Travel photos can get a little – monotonous. There’s only so many time you can see dramatic recreations of the same building or vista over and over again. But there are ways to make things interesting. “Follow Me” for example, where a woman mercilessly drags someone along on expensive international vacations. But Instagrammer paperboyo is transforming one […]

8 Medical Miracles Whose Stories Are Too Fascinating To Believe

Medicinal science has come a long, long way. But there is no denying that there are still cases where doctors take a back seat to fate and human biology. But sometimes through sheer dumb luck or willpower, there are people who endure despite life-threatening injuries and diseases. Medical miracles who inspire us to live despite […]

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