Amanda Francesca Mendonça

After spending pretty much all of my teen years waiting for a Hogwarts letter that never came, I gave up and settled for being a wizard with words instead. A hopeless romantic, when I’m not penning down short stories, I’m busy imagining my own happily ever after.

8 Medical Devices From The Past That Were Downright Scary

When my Doctor asked me to undergo an MRI last year, it didn’t end well. Being claustrophobic, I begged to be let out after about five minutes that seemed like an eternity and emerged, white and shaking. Suffice it to say that this traumatic experience taught me just how scary medical devices and instruments are. But […]

8 Times Disney Films Drew Inspiration From Real Wonders In The World

Magic. Adventure. Princesses and spells and castles so magnificent they seem to touch the sky. Disney has always offered kids (and me) a window into a place of wonder through its films. But did you know some of its most iconic locations were inspired by real-life natural and architectural wonders that you can actually visit? Yup! […]

8 People Who Make Politics Across The Globe A Lot More Interesting

Meet Rossiyana Markovskaya, a tech-savvy millennial who’s giving me #lifegoals. Why? Because besides being incredibly attractive, this former journalist is Russia’s newly appointed Defence Ministry spokesperson.  A post shared by Россияна Марковская (@_rossiyana_) on Apr 4, 2016 at 11:30pm PDT Yup, that’s her alright. And at just 26, Rossiyana can also play musical instruments and […]

Can’t Make It To Goa This NYE? Here Are 9 Alternative Destinations In India To Head To!

If you’re too broke to party at Goa or simply looking to do something different this NYE, don’t fret. We’ve got you sorted with this list of alternative destinations that are just perfect for a winter vacation, and won’t leave you bankrupt either. 1. Pondicherry With its charming streets, bougainvillaea-draped houses and laid-back lifestyle, a […]

10 Popular Songs That You Have To Try Really Hard To Really Understand

If I had to choose my favourite songwriter, I’d pick Ed Sheeran, any day. I think he has this amazing ability to put into lyrics everything we feel. Of course, not all the songs on my playlist were written by him or writers as good as him. The same goes for you, I’m sure. Some […]

You’ll Never Recognize These Celebrities Without Their Signature Makeup On!

It’s often easy to forget that celebrities are just human beings at the end of the day. When they’re not in front of the camera, they too have days when they just want to lounge around in their PJs with scraggly hair and no makeup eating chips. On days like these, they look so amazingly […]

9 Remote Travel Destinations In India That Are Perfect For An Offbeat Vacation

India is a traveller’s paradise. Whether you seek the thrill of scaling a mountain or sunbathing on the shore, there’s something here for everyone. For those seeking solitude and serenity though, things can get a little difficult, seeing as popular vacation spots are often bustling with tourists. So here’s a list of offbeat destinations that […]

8 Times People Came Home Only To Find The Creepiest Of Things

Home is where the heart is, but if you happen to own an old house, it’s also likely to be where the horror is. Here are some strange and some downright freaky discoveries made by unsuspecting homeowners who got a lot more than they bargained for when they signed the lease. 1. Skeletal Remains of Humans […]

8 Hollywood Movies Inspired By The Most Ruthless Serial Killers

While murder remains one of the most depraved acts a human being can commit against another, you have to admit, diving deep into the mind of a serial killer to see the madness behind it does offer a certain guilty thrill. As you sit safely on the other side of the screen, here are some […]

Big Boobs And Miniskirts: There’s More To Japanese Anime Shows Than Their Perverted Sense Of Humor!

Like a lot of other Indian kids, my first introduction to the magical world of Japanese anime was back at the start of the new millennium, when Cartoon Network began airing Dragon Ball Z. It was love at first sight. Infamous for their ahem…adult jokes and adult themes, these anime shows were a breath of fresh air. […]

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