This Is What Arun Gawli Had To Say To Arjun Rampal About His Biopic ‘Daddy’

Bollywood has always been obsessed with gangsters. And this time, Arjun Rampal‘s ‘Daddy’ has been garnering a lot of apprehension from the public since its trailer launch and songs as well. The movie is based on true events and accounts of Arun Gawli, who was a known gangster of his time who turned into a politician. While the story of the movie in itself is one to look out for, the making of the movie too hasn’t been less than interesting for the makers.

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Arjun who is enacting the on screen role of Arun Gawli stated that they started the shooting of the movie without even taking Arun Gawli’s consent. In a video, the makers shared what happened between Arjun and Gawli. On the last day of the shooting, Arjun got a call telling him that Daddy’s out. Arjun had been trying to get the rights since three years.

Talking about the making of the movie, Arjun said,

When I actually started shooting this film, I didn’t have the rights. I had not signed. We were on the sets and everybody was coming dressed like gangsters and you would not know if there was any real gangster. It was quite a paranoid situation. And on the last day of shooting, I get a call that Daddy is out and he wants to meet me.”


Arjun recalls that he was tensed when he received a call from real life ‘Daddy’,

“Daddy said that he came to know that I started the film. I asked him a question that why does he think I started the picture without his consent, just because you promised me to give the rights.”


He added that he was stunned at the way Gawli trusted him with the script, not once looking at the contract before signing it!

“As we stepped inside his office, he looked at the contract papers and said that he can’t read English. However, he just looked at me and said ‘I am going ahead because I trust you’ and signed the papers. I will never forget that look.”

Watch the video as Arjun shares his in person experience with Arun Gawli.

Well, this certainly makes us wish the best for the movie and we are so looking forward to watching ‘Daddy’. The movie releases in September, the day is not known yet.

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