Anushka Sharma Gives An Applauding Speech Saluting The Spirit Of Army Wives At Zee Cine Awards

Army is every country’s backbone, its guardian that makes sure every citizen sleeps peacefully while the country’s army men choose to guard their nation against all odds. No wonder, army men deserve the highest of position when it comes to respect and dignity, for choosing the army as your profession is not just a job, but a sacrifice. Our country’s army men choose their country over their family, their children, themselves and the daily routine that most of us enjoy.

As much as the Indian Army men deserve our salutes, there is someone behind them, who promises to take care of their families, while they fight at the borders. Yes, the women, who choose to marry army men and stay by their side, staying apart, in constant fear of a phone call, a telegram or a letter that would shatter their worlds into pieces.

Anushka Sharma, being an army man and an army wife’s daughter herself, gives a powerful speech for Zee Entertainment’s ‘Army Behind The Army’ initiative that pays a tribute to all the army wives, the true iron ladies, who are often forgotten behind their husbands’ achievements. Also, Zee is organizing an event to thank the army wives for their unflinching spirit and support to the country.

Not only do army wives teach their children the will and courage to serve the country, following their father’s steps, they ensure that the only fear of losing her husband never touches her children. It won’t be wrong to say, that it’s not always a¬†soldier fighting at the border, it’s another woman, fighting to keep the family intact, back home, waiting for him, praying for him.

Anushka’s speech comes right from the heart and would definitely make you get up and salute all these women, who have a heart of diamond, strong and unbreakable.

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