Cricketer Abhinav Mukund Tweets About Racism Against Dark-skinned Folks In India

Abhinav Mukund speaks out about his experience with racism in our own country.

For a country that gets offended by racism, we ourselves are too racist! This racism is so ingrained that we do it unnoticeably. Calling a dark person ‘kaala-kaloota’ is a norm. If the society is not doing enough to shame dark skinned folks in our country, the advertisers are!

The Fair and Lovely ads to the skin whitening creams promoted by celebrities, all of this contribute to making a dark skinned person feel ashamed about their skin. Few strong ones with healthy esteem learn to get away from this shaming. Indian cricketer, Abhinav Mukund happens to be one of them.

The cricketer reached out on Twitter and wrote an open letter about this issue. His heartfelt plea is not about pointing out fingers but a request to change the mindset. It is a bold move coming from someone in the spotlight.

He then clarified his stance and asked the public to take this at face value and not make it into a political move.

How can we complain about racism abroad when we do it so openly and unapologetically in our own country. Hypocrisy has its limits!

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