7 Small Things That Are So Annoying That They Push You Over The Edge. UGH!

Some days are just off days. There is no reason or logic to why some things annoy you to no end on these days. It could be a neurological thing or as the over-analyzing side of me would say ‘these are signs of an upcoming breakdown’. No one was awful to you, yet you automatically manage to have a shitty day.

It is a chain reaction waiting to happen. Every human or thing you come across manages to get under your skin. These are days when you walk around like an open wound and the environment around you is the salt.

These are the useless and most pointless things that can make you angry. You know you are overreacting to things but you cannot stop!

1. Forgetting to take off the bottle lid before drinking

You are busy and thirsty. You have a thousand things on your mind, you try to take a swig of water only to realize the bottle cap is still on.

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2. The phone hitting your face when lying down

This incidence has happened so many times that it should be a wake-up call, but no. Comfort is a priority, a little pain just makes it all the more worthwhile.

giphy (37)

3. Others breathing loudly

There are times when you clearly want to ignore people around you. It is obvious, you might as well be walking with a sign board saying: Don’t you dare talk or look at me. At times like these, even people breathing aloud will send you into a rage.

giphy (36)

4. Stubbing your toe

You are living your life as normally as you can but when this happens, the only option you have left is cussing your way through it.

giphy (38)

5. People revolving around in squeaky chairs

Here I am trying to write this serious article and all I can hear is an errant human being all kinds of annoying, rotating on a squeaky chair. Child-adults should be banned from workplaces, to be honest!

giphy (35)

6. That one person chewing loudly

You are having a perfectly bad day and the person sitting next to you at lunch chooses to feed like a beast. Naturally, you restrain yourself as humanly as possible from choking this person with more food to death.

giphy (33)

7. When the toothpaste falls off the brush

Mornings are not really your friends, are they? Or toothbrushes?!

giphy (31)

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