6 Things You Should Totally Gift Your Germophobe Friends And Win Them Over!

How do you recognize that your friend is a germophobe? Answer: He or she always has a whiff of alcohol on them. No, it’s not booze, well not the drinking kind, at least.

Germophobes are silent sufferers. But they are killers too. Of bacteria! They seek delight in killing bacteria and enjoy the burn of sanitizer. What’s that? You totally know one such person? Well, you seem to be in some clean company. Pun intended.

These people will totally calculate if they should share food, what if you haven’t washed your hand?! They will also consider not doing a task based on how much germ anxiety they might get if they did that certain task.
You feel like nothing makes these germ hating folks happy? Wait till you plomp the following things right in front of them. They will totally freak out, in joy of course!

Have a germ hating friend’s birthday coming up? Here is your guide to send them on cloud 9. I promise.



This killer is your germophobe’s savior. They will reach out for this baby, like a prized possession every time they come in contact with unhygienic elements of nature – like people, and germs.

2. Tissues!


No one drops tissues like a boss than a germophobe. If you are leaking from eyes – also called crying – ask them for help. They will help you out. But don’t expect them to be a shoulder to cry on unless you are lice, dandruff and dirt free.

3.Wet Wipes


If you are wondering, what the hell is the difference between tissues and wet wipes. Wet wipes are CLEANSING! If the soul can be physically wiped, this bundle can make it squeaky clean. The cure for the dirtiest soul is wet wipes.Who needs prayers when you got some snazzy stash of wet wipes. I swear.

4.Hand Wash


Mostly Dettol or Lifebuoy. None of that fancy smelling shiz because they don’t kill germs as effectively. If you can find a hand wash that cleans 100% germs, your germophobe friend will probably even be ready to lay his life for you. Seriously.

5.Gift of Hygiene


It’s not all about materialistic things you know. Sometimes respecting oddness in others and transferring it onto yourself is a gift too.  You know what your friend will be most grateful for? You washing your hands after you leave the washroom. Why am I even specifying this? School nahi gaye kya?!

6.A Bouquet Of All Of The Above


Forget flowers, get them an assorted collection of this and they’ll look at you with a certain sparkle in their eyes. Their eyes should probably say: I will love you forever and if you want someone to help you with prison break for murder, I am your guy/girl. 
Wonder how I know all these intimate details about a germophobe? I am it.
So do us a favor, cleanse your social media with this post. Use it to wipe the dirt off your feed, also to look like a cultured human. Do whatever. But keep it clean for Godsakes!
FYI Germophobia is not always OCD. Just saying. Even we are messy, only our mess is usually sanitized.
Please note: if this germophobia is stopping you from functioning normally aka ruining your life or stopping you from enjoying regular life things, seek professional help. OCD/ Germophobia can be a real disorder. Seek help (not kidding.)
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