15 Utterly Bizarre Pair Of Shoes That Would Make You Bang Your Heads On The Screen

The world is a very strange place. But even stranger are the people in the world of fashion. Just when we thought we had enough of talent in the world of couture with the most bizarre denim trends that the world has seen, here we are with 15 strange shoes! Not only are these shoes completely bizarre and illogical, one is left with utter wonder as to why would anyone ever want to wear them unless it’s Lady Gaga. But then again, you know the world is a very strange place!

Here are 15 utterly bizarre shoe designs that would literally make you bang your head on the screen, if not the wall!

1. To keep you back straight, these shoes would take care of your ‘bending’ woes while you clean up the floor! 


2. Just in case you don’t want to wear a pant or shoes or both? 


3. When you keep a chair handy or ‘Footy’, these chair shoes will take care for all the time you stand in a waiting queue! 

chair-shoe (1)

4. Perfect for a Halloween, these dead rat shoes are definitely not for the faint hearted! Would you put your feet in them? 


5. How about putting your feet to test? 


6. These chain shoes might be of great help for the one-night stands!


7. How about keeping these for the monsoon season?


8. The ice box shoes when it’s too hot to step outside.


9. For all the times you don’t feel like a human…


10. When your mom doesn’t throw away your old denims.


11. When you take your ‘Ball Night’ way too seriously


12. These mop shoes will make sure there is no room for dirt in the house. 


13. If only you could brave those heels and the live tarantula waiting for you!

tarantulla shoes

14. Just in case you’re a reptilian!

weird shoes

15. How about some noodle walk?


Yay or Nay? Let us know in the comments below!

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