12 Maps Of The World We Bet You Never Got To See In The Geography Class

We have all had geography classes decorated with globes and the quintessential world map, with its continents, oceans, and countries carefully segmented with latitudes and longitudes. However, the world has much more to it than just its geographical landscapes and we bet these 17 world maps won’t ever be there in the school curriculum, though they say a lot!


#1 The Battle Of Emotions


#2 The Contributors Of Heavy Metal Bands


#3 The Biggest Smoking Nations


#4 Nations According To The Breast Size


#5 Nations Where Homosexuality Is Illegal


#6 Happiest And Unhappiest Countries


#7  Countries That Are Still Kingdoms

maps of the world

#8  USA As Per The Brands And Their Roots


#9  Most Photogenic Places

photogenic places

#10  Planet Earth And Its Seasons


#11  The Geographical Variation Of Penis Size!

maps of the world

#12 Alcohol And Its Consumption

world maps

(Images: Sheldon’s Fans)
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