10 Things In Life That We Can’t Get Right Even After A 100 Tries

Life is tricky. We’ve been taught, to get better at it, you need to practice. That you need to keep trying things you are horrible at enough times so you can improve. Remember the time you were really pathetic at maths and you just had to keep learning it? Yeah, most things in life are much like that.

However, somethings are exclusions to such a scenario. Somethings you will always be terrible at no matter how many times you try being good at it. A person on Quora was seemingly frustrated with this and asked an intriguing question ‘What is something you get wrong, every single time you try to do it right?’

Here are 10 things that all of us have come across in our everyday life that we just can’t get right even after 100 tries!

#1.Inserting The USB The Right Way

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Most of us have been using computers and laptops for good portion of our lives. It is safe to say, it is not the first time we have been using a Pendrive. We still manage to goof-up inserting it in the right way in the driver slot! Every.damn.time!

#2.Type Incorrect Password

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Forgetting password is a genuine human error. Typing the wrong password even when you know the right one is not. Every morning I switch on my laptop and the first thing I do is type the password 5 times before getting it right. I swear it’s not an OCD at this point, my fingers are just clumsy AF!

#3.Not Making Maggi Noodles The ‘Right Way’


Making Maggi or Ramen noodles is an art and a science. You add one extra drop of water and you have messed up your noodles and probably your day. Having cooked the snack a thousand times in a lifetime, most of us still manage to screw it up!

#4. Putting The Eyeliner Right

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This is not even funny. The fastest way to ruin your morning is trying to get the eyeliner right. Making both the eyes look symmetrical with makeup is a task that tests human patience! You just end up looking like a raccoon in the process.

#5.Right Amount Of Salt In Food

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Making food is not everyone’s thing. Some people have a knack of oversalting their food. They would have made the omelet a hundred times before and yet manage to put more salt than needed. Your Salt Bae impersonation is making the food salty, mate!

#6.Using The Push and Pull Door Correctly

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I am not illiterate, although I manage to prove the contrary every time I use these doors that come with clear instructions. Is this a sign that some doors are not meant to be open? Can doors choose people it wants to pass? These thoughts give me an existential crisis.

#7.Opening Ketchup Packet (Or Even A Pack of Lays!)

giphy (75)

This cannot be done gracefully. You could be the most poised human on Earth yet successfully opening these packets every time is tough!

#8.Finding The Edge Of A Sellotape In The First Try


If you find the edge of a Sellotape in the first try you probably deserve a medal. Normal folks have to feel the edges multiple times before finding the edge to actually use it. At times, you could see your life passing you by and you are still searching it.

#9.Turning The Stove Before The Milk Boils Over

giphy (73)

This is really really really really frustrating. Your internal timing says it’s been exactly 8 minutes and somehow the milk needs to revolt for its independence at this very moment. The hot mess later is unimaginably horrible. UGH!

#10.Trusting The Wrong People!

giphy (69)

Let’s face it all of us have gone through this. Putting yourself out there and later realizing you trusted the wrong person all along. The feeling of betrayal and emotional diarrhea is spectacularly annoying!

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